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A Friend’s Travel Plan

>> Dec 9, 2012

A friend called me on the phone yesterday night; it’s been long time enough since our last communication –therefore it’s so nice to hear her voice again. After asking each other’s condition, she told me that she and family will spend Christmas and New Year times in New York. No wonder that she’s heard very enthusiastic!


For this trip, she has prepared all required things since months ago. She has booked one hotel room of Horseheads New York Hotels for a week, flight tickets and a rental car. She decided to stay at a hotel in Horseheads area since metropolitan and skyscrapers views aren’t her main destinations.  She preferred to encourage her kid to enjoy various outdoor activities there. The first place to visit will be the Finger Lakes region as it’s situated near to her accommodation. She planned to rent a boat and to have a boat ride wandering around the lake.

Central Park will be her family’s main destination as well.  The plan is taking a bicycle tour through the park and seeing Bow Bridge, the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and the Imagine Mosaic.   Since I’ve never yet visited Central Park, I could only imagine how enjoyable it will be.

I reminded her not to miss the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building; I think those are including the must visit destinations in New York City. She said that she has also included the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building into her trip plan, though she prefers to enjoy scenery. Her daughter craves for visiting this New York’s tallest structure and seeing the view from its 86th floor observation deck. To keep away from long queues, she had booked the ticket online. I admired her ability to prepare a perfect travel plan!

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