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4 Pests Which Can Turn Your House into Hell

>> Dec 9, 2012

Despite the hygienic environment that you maintain in your house, you might wake up one day to find that your house has been invaded by pests. These pests can turn your house into hell in a matter of days and you might end up seeing them in various nooks and corners of your house. So what are some of the most common pests that can invade your house and turn it upside down?


Bed Bugs

Known as Cimicidae in the scientific language, these insects are tiny in structure and survive by feeding on warm blooded living things. In the common language they are known as bed bugs simply because they are usually found to breed in soft furnishings such as in bed or sofas.  The color of these bugs’ might be brown or reddish orange and in case you find repeated stains on your bed sheet or sofas it might indicate an invasion of bed bugs! Although, these wingless creatures might seem harmless, repeated bites from them can result in the development of allergy. They are quite noticeable through the naked eye and while newborns might be the size of a seed, adult bug beds can for as long as a quarter inch.



These silent destroyers can creep in your home and create massive damage as the mouth of the termite can cause extensive damage to your household furniture. The termite is merely a centimeter but their ability to eat various kinds of things and accessories mean that they are able to create havoc in the house. Termites within the house usually form in mud and Create tunnels through which they reach various foods such as wooden frames and furniture. They can survive in various kinds of climate and therefore they can breed anywhere despite of the location of your house.




These brown pests which emit an unpleasant smell and produce a hissing sound can create havoc within your accommodation. Despite the fact that they measure an inch they can cause a number of diseases. They can enter your house through various entry points and all they require is a moist environment. They reproduce quite rapidly and therefore control and prevention measures should be implemented as soon as you detect one. Cockroaches can significantly increase allergies and create asthma problems within inhabitants.



These wingless small creatures are quite often found within homes and these carry various infections such as tularemia and typhus while they can also create allergies within children and adults. Although they cannot fly, they can jump for long distances and mostly live in bed cracks and other nooks and corners and a flea infestation requires both chemical and natural treatments.


Getting rid of pests can be a difficult chore, especially if you have a chronic problem with them. Use preventative techniques so you can avoid having to call an exterminator.


Andrew is a passionate blogger about home improvement and lifestyle. Having worked in various industries such as relocation, construction and real estate, Andrew has a broad experience to write on numerous topics. When he is not blogging, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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