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What Is Embalming and How It Is Done

>> Dec 5, 2012

Embalming a human body is a very interesting process. Its earliest history can be traced back as far as thousands of years ago. Most people might even think of embalming as part of the Egyptian’s culture in preserving the human body and there are even movies and stories about Egyptian zombies coming back to life. Without any doubt, embalming has been one of the most amazing attempts of human beings to preserve their loved ones. 

What is Embalming?
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Embalming, with the help of funeral equipments, is the science of preserving human bodies within a definite length of time. It is also considered as an art for some who make human bodies to be more presentable during funerals. Most embalm human remains for the aim to preserve, restore, present, and sanitize them. Embalming has a rich historical and cultural background. Its practice is held differently across various cultures. Some even practice embalming for religious purposes.

How embalming is carried out

There are different ways that embalming is done and this may greatly depend upon the knowledge and skills of an embalmer. Throughout its history, various techniques and methods were conceptualized. Today, the basic procedures may include using modern funeral equipments and other tools to preserve a corpse. The following are some of the basic steps on how embalming is carried out.

  • Undress the dead body with high respect - though it may be a corpse, it is still a human body that is needed to be covered properly. Removing the clothes will help for a smoother and easier process. The skin is also a good indicator to check if the embalming process is done correctly.
  • Correct any rigidity – sometimes, a person dies with a particular position which is not conducive for public viewing. It will be easier to position the person immediately before it undergoes rigor mortis. When a joint is not properly positioned, the vein may be blocked which may present a problem for the embalming fluid to go to where it should be.
  • Position the body – the body should be in a supine position facing the ceiling. The eyes and mouth should be closed and the head should be in a neutral position.
  • Drain blood – the corpse should have the least amount of blood as possible. This is needed since the veins will later be filled with embalming fluid.
  • Introduce the embalming fluid – most embalmers choose the carotid artery located on the neck. This is preferred because it is near to the heart.
  •  Use the embalming machine – as part of the funeral equipments, this machine will create the pressure to push the fluid throughout the body. When the corpse looks already full, turn off the machine. Make sure not to create any leaks by using sealing powders. After this, you can clean and redress the body for public viewing.
Embalming is the process of preserving human corpses and other dead bodies. The procedures that involve the process are carried out by licensed professionals.

Samson Bright is a funeral business owner and own a lot of funeral equipments as part of his embalming processes.

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