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Picking Your North American Tour Destination Spots

>> Dec 4, 2012

North America is a huge geographic area. Once you've decided to spend your holiday in the region, you'll need to pin down locations for travel stops. Both the big and little sights should be included in your North American tour, no matter where you stop.

Las Vegas

Located in the state of Nevada in the United States, Las Vegas is home to some of the largest and most well-known casinos in the world. If your trip includes a Las Vegas stop, plan on spending at least one or two full days there so you can fully experience what the city has to offer.

Don't just limit yourself to the Las Vegas gambling and dining scene, as tempting as it may be on your Trek America trip. The city has many live acts, variety shows, magic shows and other entertainment to take in during your free time. Contact venues before you depart to arrange for tickets to a show you're interested in on a day you'll have free time. Shows often fill up quickly, so getting tickets beforehand will guarantee you a spot.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park, located in the United States state of Wyoming, is American's first national park. At three times the size of the state of Rhode Island, Yellowstone has a variety of geographic features to see, including geysers, hot springs and thermal pools.

Camping in Yellowstone is very popular and the park offers hiking and other outdoor activities for singles, groups and families. The wildlife in the park is protected from hunting. Various animals, including moose, elk, black bears, grizzly bears and mountain lions, make their home in the park.
San Francisco
The city of San Francisco is a popular tourist destination in the American state of California. San Francisco has a rich nightlife, with many restaurants and entertainment venues and a thriving arts community. If you're looking to find many things to see over a short distance, San Francisco might be the spot for you.

If you go to San Francisco, be sure to take a cable car ride. The city is known for its cable car system, first started in the late nineteenth century by the inventor, Andrew Hallidie. You can use the cable cars to get to many famous parts of the city.

Other famous landmarks in San Francisco you should plan to visit include the Golden Gate Bridge, the Fisherman's Wharf, the legendary Alcatraz prison and Chinatown. Boat cruises are also popular in the area and you can get a close view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the water.

Always review the complete tour itinerary, including optional activities and all stop listings, before signing on the dotted line. If you're not thrilled with some stops or main activities, you'll find yourself bored and waste time. Interesting optional activities are a must as well. If a main activity is canceled, you'll want something equally interesting to fall back on. Review optional activity listings for any extra fees so you can factor the expense into your budget.

Peter Smith writes regularly on Trek America trips and North American holidays for a range of travel websites and blogs. He's an experienced traveler in his own right, having flown solo and with his family.

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