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10 Easy-to-Play Baby Shower Games

>> Mar 23, 2012

Make sure your baby shower is awesome by not only having all those essential party supplies, but also by including a good selection of games. If you’re stuck for baby shower ideas, the following will make sure that your baby shower is one of the best your guests have been to.

How Big is That Tummy?
This is a fun way to celebrate that big belly in the room, as well as find out just how big it actually is. If the mum-to-be feels self-conscious about her size, maybe skip this game, but otherwise it can be a fun way to get everyone involved, and is obviously best with a prize for the right answer.

Baby Names
Hand out pens and paper to everyone and then allow 30 seconds to see how many baby names they can come up with that meet certain requirements, such as starting with T, or rhyming with ‘ocean’. This can often be one of the more fun games played at a baby shower, and can also give you ideas for names if you haven’t yet decided on one.

Pin the Sperm on the Egg
The same idea as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this version is a little more relevant to the current situation. It can be fun having some simple fun with an adult theme; though if there are children around, be prepared to explain exactly what it all means.

Baby Trivia
Come up with a list of baby trivia questions and research the answers online, then play baby trivia Q and A, with simple prizes for the correct answers. You’ll get to see how much your friends know, as well as get some answers to those questions you’ve been worried about.

Guess Whose Baby
Cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers of famous people’s babies, as well as including some pictures of babies of people that you know. Write who each baby is on the back of the photo and then go through one at a time and see who can guess whose child it is. You’ll be surprised how often babies that you know will be mistaken for those of famous people!

Diaper Changing Races
Have someone bring a life sized doll and some diapers and find out who is the diaper changing wizard in your gang. This will also be a good way for you to start getting a little bit of much-needed practice.

Pass the Parcel
This classic game is a fun one to prank the party, as instead of there being a fabulous prize inside, you should put a diaper that has had some chocolate melted into it, providing a messy and disgusting-looking surprise.

Baby Themed Karaoke
Gather a collection of songs that have ‘baby’ in them, such as ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’, and then put everyone’s names in a hat. The person whose name gets pulled out has to sing that particular song in front of everyone. This is a great game for a more extroverted crowd.

Don’t Say Baby
See who can go the whole party without saying the word baby, with a prize at the end for anyone who has managed to do it.

Guess the Baby Food
This is a game that will be easy for the mums in the crowd. Bring out a sample of a few types of baby food and see who can tell what it is. It can be fun to include a joke item, like a slushy, and see how many people can be fooled.

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