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Simple Ways to Make the Journey Abroad More Enjoyable

>> Mar 27, 2012

Going on holiday is enjoyable, but there are elements of it which can be rather boring. Often you will have to get up ridiculously early, drive for a few hours, wait around at an airport and then take a flight, when all you really want to do is arrive at your Bali hotel. All of this does not, however, have to be a stressful hardship. There are ways in which you can make the journey to your destination far more relaxing and exciting than it has been in the past:

Integrate an Interstate Trip
It is possible to integrate an exciting element into the travelling aspect of the journey. For my most recent holiday, I decided to fly from Melbourne instead of Sydney. This seems like a bizarre choice, given that Sydney airport is just a few hours from my home. The trip to Melbourne in a rented car (to avoid having to drive back) was, however, well planned and had vast levels of excitement tied into it. Taking my children on a
Great Ocean Road tour was an excellent opportunity to show them more of Australia, educate them in the history of the Great War, and make the trip abroad more exciting. Whilst this trip was indeed a long one, it was utterly worth it and arriving at the airport felt more like we were returning from a holiday than leaving for one.

Use the Time EfficientlyA waiting period of several hours at an airport can be a mind-numbing experience and it can make everyone lethargic and grumpy. For this reason, it is important to keep everyone occupied and entertained during this time. The time can effectively be used to plan days on the holiday and this can be a very fun, and even educational, event. Before heading to the airport, plan a budget of time and money which your children can allocate for activities (obviously this would only be a small part of your overall budget). At the airport you can then allow your children to plan exciting events for the holiday in a manner which will also teach them the importance of budgeting. This educational game will get everyone excited about the holiday ahead.

Another good way to use the time is to all practice phrases in the language of wherever you are visiting. This will provide your children with some necessary communication skills and help you to prepare them for the exciting foreign environment.

Prepare Some Treats
A holiday may be enough of a treat but for everyone to arrive at your destination happy is priceless. Buying a new game for the journey will enable you to keep everyone occupied and entertained. Plane games are excellent tools for keeping the family happy and drawing everyone into the idea of having fun together for the next few weeks.

Prepare for the WorstBeing prepared for the worst is the best way to make sure that it doesn’t matter if it happens. Split your clothing between bags so that if a bag gets lost, you still have at least some of what you need. Make sure that the spare tire is inflated so that a flat doesn’t leave you stranded. Prepare for travel sickness with medication and aids. In other words, take precautions against the worst so that something going wrong doesn’t spoil your trip.

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