Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Too Short Hair Cut

>> Mar 18, 2012

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Happy Monday, every one! In fact, we didn’t have wonderful weekend here. There’s a trouble with our culinary business. We don’t get along with the man whom we rent his place. I don’t want to explain more here; but we’re in confused now. Should we move from the current place? Sigh.

Anyway, for Blue Monday, I want to share For Better or For Worse; one of my favorite comics. When I saw this strip, I smiled as I’ve ever experienced it. Every time at a barber shop, my husband always has a long conversation with his barber. Sometimes they are laughing hard together. One day, when I didn’t accompany my husband to the barber shop, he came home with almost bald head – I really didn’t like what I saw! After since, I always try going together with him when he’s going to have a hair cut. I’m his hair style supervisor, hehehe.

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