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Teachergive Sale 2023

5 Realistic Tips to Saving as a Young Adult Student

>> Mar 1, 2012

So you have decided on which business courses, marketing courses or progressive education that will define your career. The next step is to get through the course. We all know what it is going to be like. The cost of being a student is more than just what it costs to go to school. You should face it at the beginning, and get real with your study budgeting. You are going to meet lots of beautiful people, and you are probably going to have the time of your life. Studying as a young adult is a wonderful time. In this article, we look at how you can save and still have the social life you will undoubtedly dabble in. None of this is real rocket science, but it is worth sitting down with yourself, looking yourself in the mirror, and being honest with your lifestyle.

· Course fees.It is easy to think they will be the bulk of your costs. That is not always the case. The fees are just the cost you can clearly see. If you have some sort of existing career, you might be able to attribute the costs of your study to your taxation return. You should talk with your local social services department as you may be entitled to assistance with your fees. There are many ways to get help. It is just a matter of digging through the pages upon pages of information on the Internet. Sometimes it just pays to go and speak to someone who has this particular knowledge. Your school’s counsellor will have a lot more information than you think.

· Educational supplies.The best way to get study materials is online, and from a store that gives you a student discount. In our world of online purchasing libraries are often overlooked. You don’t need to buy every book you need to read. There is nothing quite like reading something on paper. Trading sites are great places to get second-hand materials, and even software is available at very discounted prices.

· Entertainment. Let’s face it, this will probably be where you really start spending a lot of your money. All students tend to drink a lot. You only have to go to a university bar on any weekday or weeknight, and you will see how much students drink. This is something you need to be careful about. A lot of your money can go down the drain, literally. Buying bottles a drinking a couple of drinks before you go out is the best way to save on what you will be drinking out there in the bars. Student nights are always the best bet, and it won’t take you long to find out where they are.

· Clothing.We would all love to live in the world of “Sex in the City”, but the fact remains, we are going to live on a budget. While you will be able to get a lot of discounts with your student card, clothing can still cost a lot. I live in Australia, and I know I can fly to Hong Kong on a discounted flight and buy all the clothes I need for the year and return and it is still cheaper. That may sound a little extreme, but it is the truth. The other way I save on clothing is buying pre-owned clothing at charitable stores. The best thing about buying this way is that I find items that no one else is wearing, I stay super-fashionable, and that is something we all know is very important!

· Somewhere to live.We all want freedom, especially as we are becoming an adult. Moving out of home may sound great, but it is actually a big mistake, we are all going to make. The cost of living is always more than we plan, especially now we will have more time to socialise with our new friends. You may save on transportation, but be prepared to pay more everywhere else. This is a cost you will have to accept, and so look for share accommodation on university noticeboards. They are still the best place to find somewhere to live inside your budget despite our gigantic world of social media and the ever-growing service world on the Internet.

Depending on your study level, you may be entitled to a student card. Student cards can save you a lot of money in other areas of your life. Discounts for students extend well beyond what they need to study.


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