Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Giving Functional and Beautiful Gifts

>> Mar 5, 2012

Giving gifts is always heaps of fun, even though we all know that some gifts are never used, from the moment they are unwrapped until they are tossed out in a spring clean. Finding the right gift to give someone is quite an art and can require a fair bit of effort, though there are lots of great options that combine both beauty and practicality, a combination sure to please anyone. So get your special someone a gift they will appreciate for more than just the gesture, by trying out some of these beautiful and practical gift ideas.

Home Made Gift Baskets
Gift baskets make the ideal present for anyone, no matter the occasion. They are quite practical as you can tailor-make them for any occasion, and you can put pretty much anything in them, depending on what will appeal to the recipient. You can make a
gift basket to follow any theme: food, sports, meditation/yoga, kitchenware, decorations, alcohol, event tickets, clothing, baby stuff, bath products, or any mix you choose. Gift baskets are also versatile enough that you can wrap and decorate them in any style you want.

To make a good gift, plants must be easy to care for, nice to look at, and of course, useful. Plants of all types are inherently useful due to their ability to produce oxygen, not to mention their positive energy and the beautiful colours of their flowers. Gifts of plants can come in many forms; a traditional bouquet of flowers, a potted plant, seeds for the garden or in art form. You can also give a gift of a mini herb garden, which will benefit the recipient both by having greens in their living space, as well as herbs they can use in their cooking.

Clothing Accessories
Clothing accessories make great gifts for both men and women, and can be both useful and stylish. Scarves, hats, jewellery, purses and belts are some good examples of accessories that the woman in your life may find useful. For the man in your life, you could get him ties, hats, belts, tote bags or a briefcase, which are all very functional gifts. Make sure you know their style well enough so that you get them something that they will actually use. If it doesn't suit their style, they probably will never use it, so keep the receipt just in case it’s a flop.

If you are the creative type, learn some pottery skills and start making gifts for your friends that are sure to be both beautiful and practical. You can never have too many cups, bowls and plates, so make some unique additions to your friends’ crockery collections, and your gift is sure to at least get used occasionally.

Most people have too much stuff already, so make sure your gift isn’t just an addition to an already huge pile of useless things. Put some thought into your gift and find out what they need, then the only thing left is picking out the right style or colour.

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