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3 Steps to Child Burn Prevention

>> Mar 6, 2012

Young children need to be supervised constantly to protect them from the dangers around them and from themselves. Inevitably there will be moments when they are out of your sight, but it only takes a few seconds for a child to cause a serious injury to themselves so this should be avoided. Children are naturally inquisitive so they will pull things which they should leave alone and they are more easily injured than adults so the consequences will be more severe. Whilst you cannot prevent your child from doing anything stupid all of the time, you can create an environment in which they can live safely with a minimal risk of injury.

Preventing the worst
The first thoughts for child security and safety should necessarily be on the most severe of potential hazards. Having a
home security system will keep them safe from strangers who are trying to enter the home uninvited and a fire alarm will help you to protect them from fatal burns. Whilst these precautions can help you to protect your children, the most important thing to remember is to prevent children from playing with fire or getting near to hot items. 75% of children who suffer flame burns do so because they were playing fire so the most important aspect is to ensure that your children understand the dangers of heat and fire.

Liquid fireHot liquids are like fire for small children. Whilst you may be able to drink a hot cup of coffee, the same drink will burn a child’s skin, just as a naked flame would. The vast majority of childhood burns are caused by common household appliances rather than flames. These burns will scar the child for life and could potentially cause critical or even fatal injuries in some cases. Common household items which can cause burns are:

· Baths
· Hot drinks
· Barbeque grills
· Electric grills
· Electric fryers
· Ovens
· Hobs
· Stoves
· Microwaved food or liquids
· Hot food
· Treadmills (Burns caused by friction rather than heat)

Preventing occurrence 

Preventing the burns caused by these common household appliances requires a mixture of preparation and supervision. It is not possible to watch everything, all of the time, so it is important that the chance of anything happening is as low as possible. You can avoid injury in the household by following some simple guidelines:

· Never allow wires to hang over edges. Children will grab and pull on wires if they are within reach. This can pull any number of things down onto them.
· Be careful of kitchens and bathrooms. Children should never be unsupervised in either the kitchen or the bathroom as these are high risk areas. Install child gates to keep them out of these areas.
· Keep children away from the kitchen when preparing meals. This will keep them away from dangers such as hot plates and knives.
· Never leave anything hot within reach of a small child. Your coffee table is not a safe place to leave a coffee when children are around.
· Test all water before placing a child in it. An adult should be able to hold their arm in the water for at least 30 seconds with no discomfort at all.
· Never leave a child unattended in the bath. They should always be kept away from the hot tap and you must be there to stop them drowning.

Preventing scarring
In the event that a child does get burnt by either hot liquids or open flames, it is vital to act quickly.
· Remove all clothing which is over the affected area and put it out if it is on fire.
· Run the affected area under cold water for as long as possible.
· Seek medical attention as soon as possible during the above process. Deal with any immediate danger if you can and then call 000 immediately.

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