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>> Mar 4, 2012

Music can touch every one’s soul, heart and mind. The sound comes into your brain and gives positive effects. It’s no wonder that most people around the world love music. Though every one has different music taste and the new songs almost come out every day, oldies or old songs are always becoming favorites for many people. The oldies can bring back and represent the youthful memories. As people love remembering memorable things, best oldies will never die and will still be popular for many years ahead. You surely know the long lasting songs such as Moon River, What a Wonderful World, How Deep is Your Love, and many other classic oldies.

Anyway, how often do you listen to music? Since we live in the hectic life that full of stress; it’s recommended that you listen to music every day. Based on studies, good music can reduce stress and retrieve energy when you feel exhausted. The good music will make you relax; give you positive mind and happy feeling.

Some people choose oldies songs for their natural mood boosters. Every time they feel gloomy, alone, and depressed, they will look for great oldies to recover their bad mood. Thanks to the internet, especially Ioldiesmusicstore.com; finding any old song that you crave to listen is just as easy as a click away. At this music store, you can get albums that you can’t see in stores anymore. They have huge collection -about 15 millions records- from 50s to 80s. When it comes to oldies, you don’t need to go to other place!

My teenager time was in 80s; that’s why until now I’m still a big fan of The Beatles, the Queen and the Genesis. When you’re feeling blue, all you have to do is listening to the best old songs. What are your favorite oldies?

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emz March 4, 2012 at 5:21 AM  

I like "The Bread" and "The Carpenters"

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