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Helping Your Parents Deal with Ageing

>> Mar 11, 2012

It can be very difficult to watch your parents get older. The hardest part is seeing the people who were once so strong begin to slow down, and require help from you for a change. Reversing roles doesn’t have to be a depressing or daunting task however, as this is a good opportunity for you, as their child, to start giving back in their time of need. There are plenty of ways that you can help your parents deal with ageing, and the following are just a few examples.

Give Them Space
Losing the ability to do things you once could by yourself if a hard pill to swallow for anyone, no matter their age. As their son or daughter, it’s important to understand that your parents are losing their independence, and it’s scary. Finding the right balance between helping them and giving them space will help them feel taken care of without being smothered or babied. Pop by once in a while and drop off some groceries, make them a home cooked meal, or just come for a chat. Make it clear that if they need help they can call you. This way they can have their pride, but also a little security, too.

Make Them Feel Included

 Ageing is very tough, especially if the ageing person feels like they are isolated from the rest of their family. It’s a slippery slope when you stop inviting your ageing parents to do things just because they require more time or assistance. Including your parents in all the same family events is extremely important for them to continue feeling wanted and needed, and you should be willing to put forth the extra effort to make their last years enjoyable.

Treat Them
The toughest time in a person’s life is when they realise they are getting older, but haven’t yet let go of the mentality that they are still young. You can help your parents grasp on to a little more youth by treating them to a
hair transplant, a laser eye surgery or even just a manicure or spa treatment. Really, they just want to feel like it still matters what they look like and you can do that for them.

Keep Them Healthy
It doesn’t matter how old a person is, they should still try and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Encouraging your parents to eat well and exercise doesn’t have to be done for the sake of looking younger or prolonging life, but instead to help them feel good about themselves. A good diet and a simple exercise regime can go a long way in helping a person feel more energised, improve their mood and make them think more positively. Getting old is inevitable, but you can help your parents feel strong and healthy right now.

Give Them Security
One of the major worries of an ageing person is wondering who will take care of them when they are too frail to take care of themselves. Your parents don’t want to be a burden on you, but you can still help them find a great retirement home or set them up with a reputable
nursing agency.

This way they can rest easy knowing they are well taken care of without causing you extra stress.

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