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Teachergive Sale 2023

Are You Planning Your Daughter’s Quinceanera?

>> Mar 27, 2012

Planning a birthday party for your child is surely one of most excitement moments for every parent. A friend of mine –who got married with a Latino- will hold a Quinceanera for her daughter. Have you ever heard about Quinceanera before? For your information, it’s a traditional Hispanic commemoration of young Latina’s 15th birthday.

Quinceanera isn’t just an ordinary birthday celebration; it means more. It marks the end of childhood times and the beginning of her womanhood. At Quinceanera day, her family will accept a young Latina to achieve her womanhood and this special moment will be watched by her community. You may think that 18 years old is the right time entering young adulthood; but in Hispanic lifestyle, it’s started at 15 years old.

My friend asked me to help her preparing her daughter’s Quinceanera. I really understood; arranging a special party can be exciting but also stressful. Her desire to create a perfect day can make her under pressure. Quinceanera Invitations are important things that should be in her top preparation list. I suggested her to make invitations first as she must send out all invitations earlier.

Happily, when it comes to Quinceanera invitation and party supplies, you can rely on QuiceaneraCards.net. It’s a right shop for you to create personalized and high quality invitation cards. To make unique and special invitations, you are allowed to attach your daughter photos, the date and your own text. They not only offer invitations, you can also get other items such as response cards, Birthday wrapping paper, thank you cards, book keepsakes and candy wrappers. The website is very user friendly; my friend loves it a lot! She felt no trouble in understanding the order instructions.

Arranging for your daughter’s Quinceanera isn’t a simple activity. If you have prepared every detail as it should be, the Quinceanera will run well and leave a lifelong wonderful memory for your guests, especially for your daughter’s life.

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