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How to Help Your Aging Parents Manage Their Money

>> Mar 17, 2012

Are you concerned that your aging parents might not be making the right decisions with their money? Are you afraid they might be making mistakes with their Self Managed Super Fund? If you don’t want to end up supporting them in their golden years, you need to talk to them about their financial decisions.

Here are some ways you can help your parents better manage their money: 

-Don’t Put It Off! 
The sooner you talk to them, the better. Bring the subject up with them in a non-threatening way. Make sure they know that you love them and that you just want to help. If they already have a financial planner, invite that person to join the conversation. The voice of a trusted professional makes the conversation seem more businesslike.

-Healthcare Is The Most Important Topic To Bring Up 
Make sure they have good medical coverage. Medicare should cover a large portion of their medical expenses and medication, but does it cover enough? They might also need a policy from a private insurance provider.

-Help Them Find A Reputable Financial Planner 
Choose a financial planner that specialises in the types of services your parents need, such as retirement planning, portfolio management, SMSF advice, estate planning, and so on. One option is to go with a firm large enough to provide all of these services.

Ask friends and family if they know of a good financial planner.

-Government Programs 
If it’s obvious that your parents are struggling financially, or don’t have enough money saved up for retirement, start the process of tapping into government programs for seniors with low incomes. This small pension can make retirement so much more comfortable and secure.

-Help Them Get Important Financial Documents In Order
Get together with the financial planner and gather all of the important documents, such as investment and health care information. There should be at least three copies of everything. One copy should be kept by your parents; one should be kept by you; and one should be kept by the financial advisor.

-Estate Planning
Even if they’re in good health and have years and years to go, they still need to get started on their wills. This ensures that their assets are divided as intended. It also makes it easier for family members to get along. Your parents should have peace of mind that their family won’t fight over their money and assets after they’ve gone.

Your parents can enjoy a wonderful retirement if you help them manage their money and savings. You’ll also have a peace of mind that they are taken care of in their golden years. Not only finance security,you should also ensure their safety and comfort. Since the biggest worry is who will always care of your parents when they already can’t take care of themselves,you can help by choosing the great Care Homes for them. Your parents will be well taken care of and you don’t need to worry anymore.

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