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6 Simple Ways to Stay in Touch

>> May 27, 2012

Maintaining intimate connections with your loved ones while you are working, travelling overseas or have moved can be difficult. There are a number of easy ways to keep important personal connections thriving that don’t take much effort at all. Although social networking sites are extremely convenient they can often lack intimacy. Connecting with your loved ones regularly and acknowledging special occasions with messages, letters or a bouquet of flowers will prove satisfying and will also strengthen relationships. Here are 6 simple ways to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Use a Calendar
It sounds basic and that’s because it is. Take some time to put your loved ones’ special milestones, anniversaries and birthdays into your calendar each year. It will certainly make a lasting impression. Whatever way you chose to recognise the occasion you can be sure they will be impressed and in awe of your thoughtfulness.  Acknowledging your friends and families special dates doesn’t take much time out of your day and what you get out of it, apart from respect and gratitude is more intimate connections and lasting friendships.

Online Flowers
There is nothing easier than selecting a beautiful bouquet of flowers online to have delivered directly to your loved ones on their special occasion. Flowers are the perfect gift for birthdays and other anniversaries and they are scientifically proven to make your loved one feel good. Studies show that giving and receiving flowers improves social behaviour and reduces the receivers stress levels. The mood lift provided by receiving flowers can last for a few days after their arrival so this makes them the number one way to make a connection. 

Letters may be old fashioned however this is what makes them so special. Knowing that your friend or loved one has taken the time to write to you and then send it through the post can be quite thrilling. Also, a letter it is something that they can hold onto and provides them with a vivid sensory experience of you. The handwriting, ink colour, paper choice even the picture on the stamp give your loved one a whole range of experiences that connect them to you. It may take a little more time however the effort will not go unnoticed.

Telephone Cards
If you happen to be somewhere isolated where internet connection is slow or even costly then a telephone card is a smart option. Telephone cards allow you to call overseas at an affordable rate and talk for hours to your friends and family.

Email is instant, available almost everywhere and free so it is a perfect way to make regular contact with your friends and family. On special occasions you can write or send an electronic card. There are e cards for almost every occasion and every type of relationship which makes reaching out, honouring a milestone or birthday fun and easy.

Video Chat
Video chatting can be a lot more intimate than a phone call. An instant visual impression of your loved one allows you to communicate on a much deeper level. There is less room for misunderstandings and you have the ability to read each others facial expressions. Eye contact is great for creating intimacy and if you are missing your family, friends or partner there is nothing quite like just seeing their face and knowing that they are seeing you too. Video chatting can be the next best thing to having the person right there in front of you. 

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tasbih cantik May 28, 2012 at 8:23 AM  

hello friend, I came here to say "Good morning" I hope you always happy and thanks for awesome '6 simple ways to stay in touch' informations.

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