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Let Your Child Discover the Morals behind Every Fairy and Witch Tale

>> May 16, 2012

A never founded fantasy world, humble heroes who kill the demons and witches, never ever lose any battle, wins the kingdom and marry a beautiful princess living a traumatic full of sufferings until then. Does that sound familiar to you? Were you able to put together all the events and remember a particular story or stories?

Everyone of us have been brought up by listening to stories of fantasy world featuring a charming prince, princess, witches, elves, goblins, dwarfs, mermaids etc. These characters not only made our life colourful and beautiful, but also taught us to see life in various forms. However, short stories mostly involve superficial and imaginative, and do not contain any references of the legends and religious epics. They are purely fictitious which aims at entertaining children and sustaining their innocence.  But, as it should be all the tales begin with a fixed scenario, “once upon a time...” and have happy endings that goes like, “and they lived happily ever after”.

These short stories are commonly referred to as Fairy tales, i.e small or short stories of fairies. The characters of these tales are simple and imaginative and are not only associated with children, but also approach adults in various ways. Initially, such tales were intended for the entertainment purpose of adults, but since 20th century they became associated with children's literature. They were altered and brought together in such a manner that children could also read them. The sexual references, violent acts, greedy witches etc were eliminated from the version written by children.  The tale of two brothers is considered to be an oldest known written tale of ancient times.

Other short stories that direct towards religion and legends involving actual times, place and with actual people are not considered as FairyTales for Children. They are basically written down with an aim to develop the morals and actual understanding of life. Folktales are found in various forms and are available in all languages in the world.  These are also available in the form of short films such as The snow white and the seven dwarf was the first movie to be released in 1937 based on the folktales with special effects and animations that mesmerized everyone.

List of most popular authors and their works

Many authors have brought about relevant changes and modification in the stories that already existed from ancient times to make them suitable for children and compiled them in a book of different version, Every author has its own version of tales. Some of the great works have been listed below:

1.    Book of British Tales by Alan Garner
2.    Fairy Tales by E. E. Cummings
3.    Grimm's Fairy Tales
4.    Italian Folktales by Italo Calvino
5.    Madame d'Aulnoy
6.    Norwegian Folktales by Peter Christen and Jorgen Moe
7.    Narodnye russkie skazki by Alexander Afanasyev
8.    Charles Perrault
9.    Panchatantra (India, 3rd century BCE)
10.  Popular Tales of the West Highlands by John Francis Campbell

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