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How Can You Ensure Senior Citizens in Your Family Have Safer Visions on Roads

>> May 31, 2012

Driving above 60 can prove to be hazardous. And this is not only true for the speed, but for the age as well. Research shows that drivers above the age of 60 tend to make more mistakes than young people who drive. People in this age bracket are termed as “senior citizens”. Another fact that further demonstrates the inability of senior citizens to drive properly is the fact that auto-insurance companies raise the premium for the elderly!

Of course, this is not difficult to comprehend. When you are old, you lose your energy and your reflexes. Moreover, the eyesight also becomes weak and it is difficult to view objects moving at a high speed. Senior citizens also tend to drive really slowly. All these factors can affect, sometimes greatly, other drivers on the road as well. Whether there should be an upper age limit for driving or not is a topic of constant debate.

Driving, of course, is every person’s right which cannot be taken away by force. However, certain are associated with old age driving which cannot be brushed aside. The driver will not only suffer him/herself, but may also put the lives of others on the road in danger. Old age, unfortunately, comes with a package of problems that also include weak eyesight.  These issues have to be kept under consideration when senior citizens are trained for driving.

Meanwhile, senior citizens and their loved ones can take a few protective measures, such as:

Using Eye Glasses or Contact Lens

This the most common way of adjusting issues of weak eyesight. Using optics or contacts can improve vision problems in older people, helping them to make fewer mistakes while driving. To save money, one can use discount offers like the GetLenses discount code. A GetLenses discount code will help you to purchase quality contact lenses at lower prices. Plus, the eye color can also be transformed. You can avail this offer and purchase products for your elders relatives.

Have Eye Checkups Regularly

Even if there is a slight clue of a vision disorder, seek immediate help. This will keep you aware of any problems that can put you and other drivers at risk. Disorders like macular degeneration can cause eye problems that are notable, and they can serve as indicators for a checkup. On a general level, all age groups, and not just senior citizens, do not bother to have their eyes tested from time to time. This is a habit that leads to growth of vision problems in the US. Senior citizens must therefore put in an extra effort.

Realize your Inability

Ageing only looks good if you are referred to as a “senior” or “experienced” person. Otherwise, most people have a hard time accepting they have become old. The word itself has negative connotations. However, when personal eye care and the lives of other people are in question, such an attitude is simply not acceptable. Senior citizens must realize that their bodies, especially the eyes cannot perform in the same way as they used to do. Do not get frustrated if many people tell you that your driving is not up to the mark. Rather, accept your condition, as acceptance is the only thing that leads to solutions.

Drive on Familiar Routes

This is a great way to counter the annoyance of a growing number of tickets, as well complaints of friends and family. When you drive on familiar routes, you tend to make lesser or even no mistakes at all. In this way, you can fulfill your desire to drive while keeping yourself and others safe. Driving on new places, on the other hand, can put your under pressure, something that also becomes to handle in old age. So avoid any inconvenience by only driving on roads that you know well.

Keep Your Vision Field Clear

Faulty eye sight can be doubled with stained glasses/lens and dirty windshields. Moreover, driving in snow and rain can also hinder vision. Avoid driving under these circumstances. If you are driving at night, do not look at sharp lights as they can damage your vision for some time.

Drive Slow and Maintain Distance

This is recommended for all age groups in order to avoid accidents on the road. However, senior citizens with weak eyesight should follow this principle like a law to compensate for fading vision and slow reflexes. 

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