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How to Improve your Concentration and Productivity

>> May 31, 2012

Everyone knows the importance of concentration for succeeding in life. If you cannot concentrate on the work that you're doing, you won't be able to give it your complete input which will result in partial success or failure. Often we lose our concentration in the middle of the job. This post, I will explain five simple tips to improve concentration and stay productive. Remember, concentration takes a lot of time and effort. You will have to make a conscious effort to be able to improve your concentration.

Make a good plan
Making a good plan is very essential to stay focused and concentrated. You should create a good plan for even the very simple of tasks. Many people fail to do this and are not able to succeed in what they're doing. Your plan should be realistic and achievable. Do not plan for the impossible because it will lead to failure which will lead to frustration. Overall, it will affect your concentration and make you less productive.

Take rest
Taking rest is very important to stay focused. In fact, many studies have indicated that taking rest is necessary for concentration. You cannot keep working on the same thing hours at a stretch and at the same time expect to give your maximum output. Preferably, you should take a small break every hour. This way your mind will be refreshed and you can stay focused. If you have any hiccups, taking a look at them from a fresh perspective after a rest break can give you new ways to tackle them.

It is also important that you get adequate sleep at night. Studies indicate that adequate sleep is very essential for the brain to function normally. Ensure that you get at least eight hours of sound sleep every day.

Keep your work environment very neat and clean
This is very important because if your work environment is not neat and clean, you won't be able to concentrate on your job fully. You might have observed that larger companies spend a lot of money on having the best office environments. They don't do this for show but because it improves the efficiency of their employees. Keep your office clutter free and professional and you will see increased concentration and productivity.

Meditation, yoga and exercise
Your mind will function properly only when your body gets the right kind of exercise. Exercise on a daily basis. You can also practice yoga. Meditation is also a good technique for improving your concentration and staying focused.

Think positively
Last but not the least, always be positive about life. Everyone has to see failure in life at one time or another. Failure is a part and parcel of our existence. Do not let a temporary setback to affect your long-term goals in life. Be positive and you will be able to concentrate and focus on the job at hand and increase your productivity.

About the author:

Aditya Venkatesh is a computer-enthusiast who is fascinated by computer technology, gadgets and the Internet. He writes frequently on computers and other topics on www.AdiWebs.com. He also maintains a website on feng shui. In the past, he worked as a technical writer at a leading web development company in Hyderabad, India. His other interests include photography and DIY projects.


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