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Teachergive Sale 2023

Family Friendly Holiday Ideas throughout Victoria

>> May 6, 2012

Finding fun ways to spend the holidays with your family can require a bit of research as not all places and activities are suitable for children. Luckily for families, Victoria has quite a lot of options that are guaranteed to keep your whole family happy and entertained. The following are just some of the great ways to have a great holiday with your family in beautiful Victoria.
For a holiday where you and your kids are all sure to learn something, head to historic Ballarat, home of the great gold rush of the mid 1800’s and of course the very famous Eureka Stockade uprising. Sovereign Hill is your best bet for keeping the kids entertained, and between the interactive exhibits and the exciting history, they are sure to be tuckered out by bedtime. Speaking of bedtime, Ballarat accommodation options include heaps of family friendly places, so you can rest easy knowing everyone will be taken care of.

Phillip Island
If your kids are the animal loving types, as most are, take them to Phillip Island next holidays where you can all get an amazing up close look at the cute colony of Fairy Penguins. Unlike a lot of wildlife viewing, you are guaranteed to see these little ones, as they have to come up to the beach to return to their burrows each night. A great place to go for a day trip or even to spend a few days, take your family to Phillip Island and enjoy the natural beauty, the fresh air and of course the wildlife.

The Alps
When the winter has set in and your outdoor options seem to have all but dried up, treat the kids to a taste of what winter is like for most of the rest of the world and head for the snow! The Victorian Alps are only a few hours north from Melbourne and will blow your kids’ minds if they’ve never seen snow or been skiing before. Just make sure you line up all the necessary rental gear, as you don’t want to be caught out by a nasty case of frostbite.

Melbourne Gaol
Everyone in Australia should know the story of infamous bushranger Ned Kelly, so why not take your kids to learn about his life and see his bones at the Old Melbourne Gaol? The gaol was built in the mid 1800’s and was the place where Ned Kelly was hung back in 1880. It has been well restored and showcases an awesome part of Australian history, so get your family onto one of the great Melbourne tours that takes in this remarkable Aussie relic.

Victoria really does have a bit of everything so if you find yourself unsure of where to go with your family next holidays, have a closer look at Victoria. Whether you are looking for wildlife, sport, history, art or culture, there is just the right amount of each here in beautiful Victoria, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your new Victoria holiday today!

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