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Top 5 Security Tips Your Kids Need to Know

>> May 15, 2012

There is nothing more important than your family’s safety, which is why educating your children about how to look after themselves is such an important issue. From stranger danger to how to cross the road safely, it seems that most of our lives are spent trying to keep our precious little ones safe and sound—even long after they’re little ones, in most cases! Part of having a good home security system in place is making sure the whole family understands how to stay safe.

Unfortunately, thieves and other dangerous criminals will take advantage of the most innocent and helpless in society, which includes children. A child at home alone, or unsupervised in the backyard can be the weakest link in your home security chain, or worse, can be vulnerable to an attack themselves. Here are 5 tips your kids need to know to help keep themselves and your home safe:

Ask First, Don’t Open

When it comes to answering the door, there are various schools of thought among parents about how old their children should be before being allowed to do it themselves. Whatever you decide, the important thing is ensuring that your child understands how to do it without risking their safety.

Make sure you have a security screen door, so that your child can speak to the person on the other side without having to grant them access to the house. Ensure that if the person is someone they don’t know, they understand never to let them in until a parent lets them know it’s ok.

Don’t Give Anything Away on the Phone

A common trick among thieves is to ‘cold call’ a home to check whether anyone is there. If your child answers and tells them that they are home by themselves, it could endanger them and your home to burglars. Instruct them that anyone who calls should be politely asked to identify themselves, and never to say that their parents aren’t home—only that they can’t come to the phone right now and they’ll phone whoever it is back.

Stay Alert

While you don’t want to scare your kids or make them distrustful of everyone, the sad fact is that in this day and age kids need to be able to spot someone who is up to no good. Encouraging them to stay alert and watch for signs that something isn’t right is a great way to help them be more security-conscious. A few things they can look out for are:

·      People that seem to be hanging around the house
·      Unfamiliar cars in the street
·      People asking questions of them
·      People that make them feel unsafe for any reason.

Make sure your kids know that there is no incident too trivial to let you know about, and that they can call you at any time to let you know about something they think isn’t right.

As well as a secure home and a good home insurance policy, all members of a household need to understand how to stay safe. Educating your kids about the risks is not the most pleasant thing to have to talk about, but it could save a life.

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