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Helping Your Kids Move Away

>> May 3, 2012

Are your kids struggling to leave the nest? More and more young people these days are staying at home for longer, because it’s not only convenient, but the prospect of what they can afford to rent, is a little off-putting especially if you are living in a major city. But there are some things you can do, to really help your children on their way. Ultimately in the end, they’ll thank you for it too.

Consider what you might want to help them with

While you shouldn’t be used as your child’s ATM, if you can help them with things like car insurance to help them get a head start, then it’s a good idea. Try and think back to what it was like when you first moved out of home. Working and studying isn’t easy and if you can afford to help them out with some of the major expenses, then this will really help them get on their feet.

Teach them how to budget

Whether you realise it or not, children learn and take on the habits of their parents, so setting a good example when it comes to sticking to the weekly budget is a must. Show your children realistically how much a grocery bill can be, and ways of minimising it. This will also help them to prioritise expenses.

The essentials

More than likely they will be moving out into a rental property, so things like home insurance don’t need to be considered, but they may want to insure their valuables, which can be a worthy investment if they have things like computers, cameras or musical instruments.

Help them out

If possible, help them out with the transition by assisting them with washing their clothes for the first few weeks until they get into a routine. Cook large batches of pasta or stew which they can freeze and re-heat if they don’t have time to make a meal for themselves. If everything is taken care of for them at home and they are thrown completely into doing everything for themselves, it can be a little daunting and they may even end up back where they started.

Give them the skills

Before they go out on their own make sure they have the basic skills they’ll need. They should know how to cook some basic meals, wash their clothes, iron and how to clean. Although some of this may sound basic, you’d be amazed at the amount of 20-somethings that don’t even know how to boil an egg!

Let them know that you will always be there to love and support them

It’s really important that when your children move out they know that no matter what happens you are there for them, and there is always a place for them to come home to should things not work out as planned. Having this safety net takes a lot of pressure off what can be a stressful event.

Helping your kids adjust to living out of home is easy if you prepare them with the necessary tools and skills so that the whole process is an enjoyable one, and not a complete disaster.

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Melbourne Australia Photos May 4, 2012 at 3:39 AM  

It's interesting that in some cultures kids staying at home and enlarging the extended family is considered the norm. It is mainly in Western countries that to move away from home as quickly as possible is considered desirable.

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