Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023


>> May 25, 2012

In days of old (15 or so years ago) stock market education often came the hard way, learning from losses and filling days and nights with analyzing market data to better predict potential investments. Theories involving the stock market are a dime a dozen, with the more known being The Dow, Elliot Wave, and Fibonacci Numbers Theory. However, in order to better test these theories paper trading came into play. Paper trading is the practice of using simulated money (whether paper or not) to mimick buys and sells. While cutting the risk of monetary loss, this paper trading helped upcoming market innovators properly test and execute their trading theories.

In the modern day of infinite information accessible through a device held in the palm of your hand, a more efficient way of learning the market has emerged. Virtual stock market games allow management of multiple portfolios while receiving the latest information on trades almost instantaneously. One of the greatest features these games offer is the community aspect of what once was a fairly widespread demographic. It's even been said that investment firms will look at those who consistently do well at these stock market games and factor that into their hiring process.

Utilizing the community aspect of the stock market simulator is essential, as it allows you the opportunity to challenge friends and compete in the virtual market, many times companies will offer prizes to those who lead the ranks of investors. While many games exist, there are only a few that allow management of multiple portfolios, with the ability to play against your friends and create groups specified for friendly competition.

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