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Eat These Foods to Have a Proper Digestive System

>> May 10, 2012

There are certain food items which when taken regularly will help improve your digestive system remarkably. However, you first need to consult your doctor regarding these foods and then proceed with their consumption. While certain foods are known to improve digestive systems, others can create immense damage to it. Therefore, you always need to seek a second opinions relating to these matters.

Fiber rich foods

One of the most important nutrients we need to focus eating is fiber rich foods. These foods are really useful in breaking down complex compounds into their simpler versions and thereby facilitating their easy absorption in the body. When fiber rich foods are consumed, they can easily get broken down in the intestines. These foods are also useful in lowering digestive imbalances. Another reason why these foods are recommended is that help in keeping the inner lining of digestive tract clean and healthy and thereby allowing it to function smoothly.

The best sources for insoluble fiber are plant foods. You can consider having whole grains, vegetables and fruits to get your daily dosage of insoluble fiber. For soluble fiber you can consider having foods like beans. Both these kinds of fibers are important in your diet plans as they help improve your digestive system. Also, do not forget to have a fruit and whole grain bread at least once every day.

Include gum in your diet!

You may find this hard to believe, but it’s true that gum can improve your digestive system a lot. This is because when you chew gum, different enzymes present in your saliva will help neutralize the acidity present in your stomach. This is in turn beneficial for you if you have been suffering from conditions like acid reflux and heart burn.

So, in case you suffer from these problems, make sure you carry gum with you. It will surely help you a lot. Make sure you eat at least one gum each day. Sugar free versions of these gums are your best option.


Your body requires regular supply of fluids in order to keep the digestive system clean and healthy. And the best fluid you can have is water. As our body contains enough amounts of water already, it makes sense in having lots of it to keep our metabolism going.

Essential fluids can also be obtained from veggies and fruits as well. Therefore, make it a point to include a lot of vegetables in your lunch and drink plenty of water along with it.

Natural Probiotics

If you want to maintain a healthy digestive health, then consider eating natural Probiotics rich foods. A very food source for this component is yogurt. These Probiotics are useful in maintaining the levels of microbes and thereby keep your digestive system in check. The best part with these Probiotics is that they can be easily included in your diet and that they are completely natural.


If you are able to choose the right dressing, then you need to try out salads before you have your meal. In addition to helping you eat less, these salads will help improve your digestive tract and keep your weight in balance.

Author Bio: Nitin Ajwani enjoys networking with health care professionals and discussing nursing uniforms and nursing scrubs. He enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to detail.


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