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Why Kindle is a Better Choice at Home than Iphone 4 and 5

>> May 29, 2012


The increase in awareness about electronic products has increased substantially as the internet has become commonly used. People check out the information and reviews on new gadgets, devices and mobile broadband plans regularly. A majority of them base their buying decisions on what they read and see online. This has become a prominent trend with regards to smartphones. Since the moment the launch of a new smartphone is announced, the internet is abuzz with all sorts of information, though most of it is rumors and gossip.

As most of the people use Google to conduct these searches for information, statistics can be compiled and then analyzed to pick up any trends. There are some particularly interesting comparisons that become evident when one goes over the statistics for searches related to electronic devices.


iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: The Search Wars

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular gadget in the world. Each subsequent model is greeted with a fever pitch. The anticipation is high every single time. The number of searches for the latest model of the iPhone with the proposed next one shows that the unreleased model is more popular. The iPhone 5 generated 450,000 searches for the month of the February in the UK. In comparison, the iPhone 4S was searched for 368,000 times.

So what is the reason for this difference? For one, the iPhone 4S has been released and most of the people who wanted it have bought it. There is no need for them to search for it anymore. Hence, the number of searches has gone down.

The second major reason is the hype surrounding iPhone 5. As yet, there is no formal launch date but information regarding new features and technology has been circulating around the internet. Even if most of the information is inaccurate, it is adding to the anticipation. Consequently, people are conducting more Google searches for iPhone 5 through their mobile broadband plans using their respective broadband internet providers.

This is as far as Apple goes. Now comes the surprise part. None of the two terms is the highest searched on Google in the consumer electronics section! The clear winner is Kindle!


Kindle: The Most Searched Gadget on Google

This is more surprising than the fact that the iPhone 5 got more searches than the iPhone 4S. The reason for the surprise is that Kindle is not a smartphone and does not have the features of the other gadgets in the market. It is a specialized device that can only be used for a specific purpose: reading. You can download, read and store books on a Kindle.

According to the data available, Kindle generated a whopping 823,000 searches in February. In the consumer electronics section, no gadget even comes close. Consider the iPhone 5’s 450,000. That is about as good as it gets for Apple.

Another interesting piece of information is that second place goes to BlackBerry. Once again, this is quite shocking. Kindle and BlackBerry are by no means the best selling devices in the market. BlackBerry attracted no less than 673,000 searches.

So, why this discrepancy between demand and Google searches?

The most obvious conclusion is that the sales volume of Kindle and BlackBerry is quite low as compared to Apple’s popular devices. This is why there are many people out there without a Kindle and a BlackBerry. Before they spend their money on buying either of those, they want to be absolutely sure. Add to the fact that the BlackBerry is quite expensive plus the Kindle does not have multiple uses.

Plus, the general public is quite well-informed about the iPhone. They don’t need to read up on reviews or product description online to know about the new models. The intense coverage by the media ensures that people are well aware of the Apple products a long time before they are released into the market.



These are some of the reasons why Kindle manages to trump both the iPhone 5 and 4S in terms of Google searches. This does not at all mean that Apple’s popularity is dwindling. The other popular gadgets, Android and Samsung don’t even feature in the top 10 terms searched under the consumer electronics section. Nokia and HTC just about manage to squeeze in. So even if the Kindle and BlackBerry win in this arena, Apple is the market leader with regards to smartphones.

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