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Latest Web Design Trend in 2013

>> Mar 1, 2013

The past few years have been really exciting for me as a creative web designer, and hopefully this year is not going to make an exception. Like my fellow designers, I have learned a lot of things, explored and successfully implemented my new ideas to my projects.It makes me happy when I see threshold of web design being replaced every moment which encourages me to learn more.

There are many design concepts that has been around for many years and will continue to stay in 2013 as well. In this article I will discuss about the latest web design trends and ideas.

Responsive web design- A lot of people think that responsive web design is only about designing web sites that can be scaled out to fit a small mobile screen, but it’s not only that. Designing the important user interface elements first and then squeezing them into a mobile layout is something that can be called as a good idea.Perhaps some of them may not fit in the layout, but you have always the option to discard them. A perfect idea is to start small when planning for a large design.

Natural design elements- Think about 5-10 years back, what were your options if you had to use rounded corners,box shadows etc in your design…exactly, you used images to bring those effects but not anymore! Thanks to CSS3 for that, now you can design a model design using only CSS3.

Using whitespaces- In designer’scommunity, phrases like whitespace & minimalism are thrown too many times right? Whitespaces are used in the design so that the visitor focuses more on the main content of the site. Another concept is to leave a little space so that your design can breathe a little making itself appear as a simple& clean design.

Say goodbye to flash-Trend of saying goodbye to flash will continue to merge in 2013 also, in the first place, flash is not good for doing seo of a site, even many mobile devices are there that don’tsupport flash! If these reasons are not good enough then here it goes…there are now many other technologies that can do the same work which a flash is capable of doing, examples would be CSS3/HTML5 etc. Many companies around the world has already dumped it into their list of rejection, so my prediction is that with so many negative points  on its back, flash may not survive in 2013.

Using large images- In 2013 there will a trend of using large images on the homepages as the site owners are now trying to make an impact on the visitors by using larger images.

Social media integration –Using social media buttons at the end of an article is an old trend, rather there will be an increased trend of using social buttons on the home pages, even further more expansion of this trend is expected, for instance there could be options like “pay by facebook like” could appear in the scenario.

Daniel is an experienced PHP expert and an internet marker as well, he is currently working for Infosolz, and website development company kolkata.

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