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Enjoy an Adventure on the High Seas

>> Mar 22, 2013

Enjoy an Adventure on the High Seas -An article looking at sailing holidays for beginner and experienced sailors alike and the different options available for boat charter.
Everyone loves a holiday. What's not to love about taking a break from everyday life, escaping from work for a while and relaxing and enjoying yourself for a week or two? The daily grind can get to us all at some point and it's important to take yourself out of circulation every now and then to recharge your batteries so you can return refreshed and ready for action.

We all have a different idea of what makes a holiday. To some people it's lazing on a beach for a fortnight, for others it's skiing and wintersports, while some people love nothing more than action and adventure the whole time they're away. For those who love to relax but want more than a beach holiday, a sailing holiday is the perfect way to cover all bases.

If you've never sailed before then it probably isn't something you've ever considered. But don't rule it out, as most charter companies will offer vacations for amateurs and experienced sailors alike. And if you think that chartering a boat is too expensive, then again you could be pleasantly surprised   it often doesn't cost more than taking a cruise, but with the added advantage of complete privacy.

Experienced sailors can hire a yacht which they can captain themselves, choosing their own destination and going at their own pace the whole way. Take a trip around the Caribbean or Mediterranean, or maybe explore the islands of the South Pacific. It's your holiday so make a wish list of where you'd like to visit, then go for it!

Hire a crew
Don't panic if you've never sailed a boat in your life before. Most charter companies will give you the option to hire a captain or an entire crew, so all you need to think about is relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you choose the fully manned ship, you'll often have the luxury of a private cook and bar. When you hire a yacht, you really are treating yourself to the ultimate indulgence, with many of them offering sumptuous rooms with en-suite bathrooms and spacious recreational areas for during the daytime.

Sailing also offers you the perfect opportunity to participate in some watersports. Most boats will come equipped with everything you need for snorkelling, water polo, or perhaps you'd even like to give scuba diving a go. Swimming in safe shores is fantastic from a boat too.

If you fall somewhere in between and you have sailed before but aren't too sure about manning your own boat, then you can usually hire a skipper for a couple of days to show you the ropes and give you the confidence to sail yourself from there onwards. They can also act as a guide, showing you some of the best places to visit along the way.

Perhaps it's time to add a sailing holiday to the top of your getaway wish list.

Smith is a sailor and travel writer who has written all about his adventures at sea in a series of blogs and articles. He has written this article on behalf of http://www.moorings.com/

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