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Teachergive Sale 2023

The ITIL v3 Foundation Certification- the Complete Description

>> Mar 19, 2013

A description of the certification
The ITIL v3 Foundation certification is an entry level or foundation tier certification that has a considerable amount of importance in the ITIL. This certification offers each and every candidate a general awareness, comprehension, a general idea, key elements, key points, terminologies and concepts of the ITIL lifecycle. This also includes the lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices.

The ITIL v3 Foundation certification is an entry level certification and neither is it hard and nor is it expensive. Any person willing to get certified in this field can apply for registration in the exam and can enroll their own names in the exam EX0-101 Exam. The process of registration for this exam is simple. All a person has to do in order to enroll them is to first get an application form which is available online on the official ITIL website. Next, the person will have to fill the form with the latest and true details. After this has been done, the person can then apply for registration by either submitting the form personally or sending it over the internet, as it suits the applicant.

The aimed group of the certification
This certification is primarily aimed at two types of people. These people are stated and described below.
·     Individuals that operate and work in the same field and require a basic understanding, training and operation lessons for the ITIL framework which is used to enhance IT service management within a company.
·         IT professionals and experts that work in a company or organization that has recently adapted the ITIL framework. Such people require the knowledge and all the information regarding the ITIL framework EX0-117 Examin order to stay up to date with the huge change going on in their company and to ensure that they don’t lose their job simply because they failed to stay up to date.

Included topics
Here are some topics that the exam includes:
·      Service management maintenance and operation.
·      Information and knowledge about the ITIL lifecycle.
·      Generic concepts, definitions and information.
·      Important models and important principles of the topic.
·      Selected operations.
·      Selected functions and roles.
·      The awareness of technology and architecture (should be up to date).
·      A considerable amount of competence and confidence along with a sufficient amount of training in the same field as an intern or a part time worker.

Some details
The exam is a multiple-choice questions oriented exam and consists of 40 questions. The questions are selected from everything the topic covers. The exam goes on for a maximum of 60 minutes which is 1 hour. Disabled students or students attempting the exam in a different language receive an extra 15 minutes. No prerequisites are needed for this exam. However, a considerable amount of education, a considerable amount of experience and accredited ITIL v3 Foundation training is strongly recommended as it can help. The test is NOT an open book exam and invigilators have an eye on the students throughout the exam. The passing percentage for this exam is 65%.

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