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Is it Better to Get Your Bed Made by Hand

>> Mar 30, 2013

There are a wide range of benefits associated with getting your bed made by hand, rather than getting one ready made. As well as being able to enjoy a superior level of quality and craftmanship for your bed, you can also take advantage of more design choices and decoration themes for a bed. Handmade Beds are consequently recommended if you have a very particular idea about the kind of beds you want to have in your home, and if you’re serious about quality production.

Superior Quality 


A hand crafted bed typically displays much more attention to detail than an average bed. Iron and brass beds are particularly recommended, as they are made using an extensive process of metal refinement and strengthening, which ensures that you can continue to use them for a long period of time. Commissioning an iron or a brass made bed from a Handmade Bed Company is consequently a good idea if you want to keep the same frame in your home. 

More Design Choices 


Bespoke beds give you the option to go into a significant level of detail when it comes to the kind of features that your frame has; these might range from personalised latticework to brass knobs and feet, as well as silver finishes. You might want to focus on commissioning a more Victorian or Edwardian style, or you might want something that’s highly elaborate and a piece of art in its own right.

A bespoke bed is a good idea, then, if you have strong ideas about what you want for your particular space; you might want a bed that goes well with bed side tables, chandeliers, and mirrors, or you might want a less ornate bed that can suit a rustic or minimalist style. In addition, you can use the frame of a bed as a starting point for experimenting with different mattresses and comforters. 

More Comfort

Another benefit for choosing a hand made bed is the level of comfort that you can create through specifying exactly what you want; you might want an extra long or wide bed, or one that has extra support for large mattresses. Alternatively, you may want a bed that’s more comfortable for smaller children, and that is low enough to the ground to be safe for children to use without fear of injury. 

Value for Money 

Going for a hand made also carries the advantage of creating an object of furniture that will add value to your home; you will gain a unique piece that isn’t going to diminish in value over time, but will more than likely increase in price. A handmade bed represents a great investment, in this way, as it can be sold as part of your home, or moved to become the centre piece of another bedroom. When combined with their longevity when designed in iron or brass, a bed frame can potentially last you for many years without losing its strength, an advantage that makes these beds a better choice than a short term wooden bed.

About the Author:

JF is a home makeover enthusiast, specializing in the perfect theme for your personality and preferences throughout your home. She recommends looking at hand made metal beds for great style options.


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