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Essential Vitamins to Prevent Angular Cheilitis Manifestations

>> Mar 6, 2013

Angular Cheilitis affects a lot of people all over the world today and still growing in number and today’s medicine that can be obtained in various drug store as well as prescription antibiotics is not effective. Thus, those who are experiencing from this condition find other ways for relief and getting rid of this condition totally.

If angular cheilitis begins manifesting, you will need to seek a reliable and efficient cure before it develops into more serious condition. On the other hand prior to seek for cure it is advised to know the basis of this condition. The moment the root is eradicated you can prevent the reoccurrence of angular cheilitis because it occurs in so many ways after one believes which the cure used has worked. There are situations when a relevant antibiotic cure was used but in the long process the relief is just temporary for the condition to happen again.

  •  Aging is one of the common factors which contribute the occurrence of angular cheilitis. Since this inciting lesions builds up at corner of your mouth there should be the crinkle dug into your skin so as to let these cracks to be visible.
  • Moisture which exists at your mouth’s corner is also one of the contributing factors. A lot of people talk in making use of many saliva which stays moisturizing your lips or the corners of your mouth making a great place for angular cheilitis to flourish at this portion of your mouth. Thrush or fungi are recognized to be the cause of angular cheilitis to build-up.
  • Gaining weight or a sudden weight lose are also factors that contribute largely to this case as the skin on your face will begin getting crinkled or developing too much skin folds at the portion on your mouth.
  • Wearing braces or dentures can make you drool more frequent for this reason, the part of your mouth are barer to moisture, the ideal place for angular cheilitis to build.

Because of the reason that inflammatory lesion or nasty crack is the cause of fungal bacteria that is presence at this part of your lips, a cure using antibiotics is normally suggested in the relevant form. However, they only have a temporary result and make this condition to manifest over and over again.  Probably you will need to know why thrushes keep reoccurring. According to medical study, these bacteria become familiar or attuned to the antibiotic and as a result they are now immune to this treatment.

In order to avoid this case, it is very essential to determine the root or the cause of angular cheilitis. Medical doctors stated that lesion appears due to the Vitamin B12 deficiency as well as lack of iron and riboflavin inside your body. So in this case you have to eat food rich in iron and other essential vitamin if you’re want to get rid of this condition completely and avoid from coming back. These essential vitamins will enhance your immune system and combat against fungal bacteria.

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