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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Natural Choice for Reducing Your Home Energy Bills

>> Mar 1, 2013

Applying natural gas in your home for cooking, drying, heating and water heating is a great decision for saving energy and money. Natural gas is the natural choice of energy sources that more efficient than electricity. So, if your electricity bills have shocked you recently, you may consider switching to exploit more natural gas appliances in your home!
There are things that you can do to save money on electricity in your home and decrease your carbon footprint. For example, most appliances in your kitchen use much electricity. One of the useful ways to save electricity is to improve your electric kitchen appliances -such as refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher- to those with better energy-star ratings. It would be better for you to start cooking with natural gas cooking appliances!

Most natural gas appliances function more efficiently than electric equipments. For your information, natural gas dryer will dry your clothes quicker than electric dryers and gas water heater will heat up water two-times faster than electric water heaters. Can you imagine how much money that you may save?

Have you known the fact that a natural gas home produces up to 50 percent less carbon emissions than an all-electric home? Thus, using more natural gas appliances in your home is a right method to save money and energy and also protect more the environment.

Unfortunately, natural gas distribution hasn’t yet reached my neighborhood. I still use canned LPGs for cooking and water heating. For each usage of our water heater and cooking equipment, I usually need one canned 12-kgs LPG for two months usage; it’s really a huge saving for me. I really crave for those natural gas pipelines being installed soon in our area!

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