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How to Choose Proper Flooring

>> Mar 7, 2013

Are you considering the installation of new floors in your home? You can find many choices on the market, be it tile, carpet, laminate or wood. With the right information you can make the proper choice for each room, depending on the traffic and the purpose it has. In this article we will note the right steps in making that choice, depending on your situation.
Carpet is a nice and comfortable choice which dates back centuries. It is a nice source of insulation for your feet, comes in a variety of different colors and it is quiet when stepped on. There are differences in the materials used however.

  • Wool is a great choice when it comes to carpets, as it is resistant to soiling and dirt because of the density of its fibers, though it tends to be a bit expensive.
  • Nylon is another decent material used with similar qualities, but some of these carpets are prone to static electricity.
  • Polypropylene can also be used – it is resistant to moisture, mildew and water damage. It was intended for outdoor areas as part of its original design, so it is very sturdy.
  • Polyester is a stain-resistant material used in carpets and other products. It resist moisture and it can be cleaned easily, but it is prone to shedding.
  • Acrylic is a synthetic wool replacement which offers nice qualities such as being easily cleaned as well as not collecting much static electricity. It can be made in a wide variety of colors.

Depending on the purpose of the room in question, you will need to take some things into consideration. We will cover the most basic solutions to different rooms:

  • Kitchens are high-traffic areas which need easy-to-clean and nonslip flooring surfaces to make them safe. Vinyl is a decent choice, as it is very resilient and it sheds water completely. Tiles, wood and laminate can also be a more traditional choice and they can be decorated and softened with rugs and mats.
  • Bathrooms are a place where any slippery surface can be very dangerous. They need to have a floor which is mold and mildew-resistant as well as capable of shedding water in case of an overflow. Once again vinyl is a good choice and if combined with rugs it can spruce up a bathroom. Ceramic tiles are a more traditional choice which presents a slightly tougher surface to clean, but excellent other qualities. The new laminate floors are made in such a way that they are water resistant and they can be used in bathrooms with high moisture levels as well.
  • Living rooms are a the center of any home, thus the flooring must be one to match the style and function of the room. Carpets are one of the best choices when it comes to surfaces her, though hardwood is also a very nice alternative because of its beauty and durability. You can combine hardwood floors with rugs for a better effect.
  • Dining rooms are used on a very regular basis and it should have some stain-resistant materials used as flooring because of the possible spills. Wood, tiles and laminate are an excellent solution as they are resistant, while at the same time easier to clean. Carpets are also a decent solution, though they show stains a lot more than other materials.
  • Bedrooms has less traffic overall so carpets are a great solution, though you could go with laminate or hardwood. The choice is really not that important in the sense of practicality as it is in a sense of aesthetics.
  • Stairs and hallways see a lot of traffic, which brings problems such as dirt. Stains are easily visible there, so the best materials to use in this case should be either ceramic tiles or laminate floors.

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