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Teachergive Sale 2023

Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mathematics Skill

>> Mar 21, 2013

If your loving kid hates mathematics, then you don’t need to be surprised as most present day school kids and children don’t love mathematics. There are too many reasons behind this phenomenon. The way the mathematics taught in school makes the subject very hard and difficult to understand and also makes very less interesting to learn. Both school students and parents should remember that mathematics is not just a subject to study just for the sake of scoring marks, but to make our practical living easier. Today, basic knowledge of math is very essential to perform calculations in our day to day life. So having strong foundation in maths is very necessary.

Deficiency in Brain Function

Recently scientists have also found that certain region of brain linked to maths learning disability. According to the research, there is specific area in our human brain which is very important for understanding and performing mathematics. Less or lack of functioning of that specific area of brain leads to condition called dyscalculia – disability to learn maths. Whether your child does bad in maths due to lack of interest or improper brain functioning, you don’t need to worry much as there are many plans available these days, which can effectively help your perform better with maths.

Give Healthy Foods

It is well known to most of us that our brain health is decided by the foods we take. There are some foods that can effectively increase our brain functionally and hence improve the child’s mathematics skills. Eating foods like chocolate, spinach and some vegetables can improve the functioning of the brain. However, you should ensure that you don’t over do; make sure that your child have the food in right proportion. You can consult with your family physician before starting your diet plan.

Interactive Teaching

There are some courses that really help you in improving their skills related to mathematics. For example, Abacus training is one such training that effectively can help in improving the maths skills of your child. Abacus (Brain master) training for maths involves various activities such visualizing, concentration and listening. By undergoing this training, your child can perform better in maths. The most important thing to be noted here is that this type of training improves the functioning of the brain and hence it pays off throughout their life. So, you should make your child to join any of the courses to improve the mathematics skills.

As a parent, you have huge responsibility in succeeding your child in their academics. This doesn’t mean that you need to pressurize your child; you need to have a friendlier approach to them and guide them in their way. You can seriously think about joining your child in any special course or training like abacus. These days, you may easily find abacus training in your vicinity, if you are living in cities. If you don’ find a center in your area, then you go for online training. There are many websites that offers abacus training through online. So, don’t wait! Act immediately, if you want your child to excel in maths.  

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