Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Sparkle with Diamond Hoop Earrings

>> Mar 1, 2013

Earrings are one essential accessory and there is huge variety available in this segment. Even though there are several cheaper alternatives in costume jewellery, precious metals with diamonds or other precious and semi precious stones are always in vogue. Diamond studded earrings; especially hoops look classy with both formal and casual wear and are an all time favorite.

Why hoops?

One of the big advantages of hoop earrings is that they can carry off style on their own; you need not worry about accessories like necklaces or bangles. They suit every occasion and different age groups.  These kinds of designs have existed for a long time, probably ever since ear piercing existed. There are different patterns in hoops; they can be complete circles or semi circles that can be plain or studded with stones on the visible surface. Those studded with diamonds make a classy design and the size of the stones decides the price. There are options in hoop earrings in gold, silver and platinum to suit different budgets and there are hoop earrings of different sizes too. The circumference of the hoop can vary from those that are close to the ear, to really big ones and it is a matter of personal choice. Some people pierce their ears in several parts and there are different sized hoops to fit and there are diamond hoopearrings available even for the men who have their ears pierced. The other options in hoops are those with solitaire diamonds attached to a precious metal wire that is bent like a hoop or stones studded on an arc formed on the hoop. They literally look like a cradle for diamonds and are particularly stunning.

Where to buy?

These kinds of hoop earrings are available everywhere, any jeweler dealing with diamond jewellery will have these designs in store since they are never out of fashion. The prices can vary depending upon the stones size and quality and also the precious metal used. The size of the hoop also is a major factor that decides the price, however investing in a good quality hoop earrings is worthwhile since it can come of use at several occasions. Reputed stores dealing with these kinds of designer jewellery offer guarantees on their products and a number of them sell their designs online. They have a good catalogue of all the designs for the benefit of their customers who can then make payment through a credit card and get the purchase securely shipped.

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