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5 Simple Office Storage Solutions You Can Implement Today

>> Oct 30, 2015

Have you found that your workplace is overflowing with files, stationary and other important documents? You may not need to do a clean out – you might just need some better office storage solutions. Whilst you should certainly look into the addition of better filing cabinets, cupboards and shelving, there are a number of solutions that you can implement yourself today. We have outlined some of our favourites to help you get your office together.
1.   Bill Binders
If your bills, invoices and receipts are all kept in the one place, you will find it a whole lot easier to stay organised. A binder is great for this, as you can separate it into categories (bills due, bills paid, outstanding invoices, receipts, and so on) that are easily accessible. At the end of the month, remove everything from the binder and file it appropriately or transfer to the next month (if needed).

2.   Cord Organisation
We are sure that your workplace is filled with cords of all shapes and sizes, from electrical equipment to computers. When they get tangled up, it can be difficult to know which appliance you’re unplugging (leading to some choice words when the telephone drops out). Whilst there are cord organisers available, you can make your own using a plastic or metal basket – label them using white tape!

3.   Baskets
Don’t overlook the humble basket as an office storage solution, as they are highly affordable and have many uses. This is a great way to store envelopes that need to be mailed, spare stationary items, magazines (for the reception area or that you subscribe to) and anything else you can think of. If you have a few baskets, we recommend labeling them to ensure that you don’t forget them confused.

4.   Pegboard Storage
If you have ever walked into a garage or backyard shed, you may have seen pegboards in action already – they are often used to hang tools, keeping them organised and easily accessible. A similar approach can be taken in the office – use them to hang stationary items, like rulers and scissors. This is perfect for workplaces that share these items and for individual workstations that use them a lot.

5.   Magazine Holders
Whilst you could certainly use magazine holders and bookends for their intended purpose (keeping your magazines and books together), they can also be put to a number of other uses around the office. The holders make handy in and out trays, storage for current files, making loose paper easily accessible, keeping documents and folders together, and so on. Just ensure that each is labeled to avoid confusion.

Whether you implement all of the solutions outlined above or just the ones that you believe will suit your workplace best, we are sure that you will notice an immediate difference. There are plenty of other office storage solutions out there – all you need to do is think outside the box. And don’t forget that, if your office is a little cluttered, you probably need to find something that will improve your storage for a long-term (such as a cabinet or shelving).

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