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Some of the Safety Tips to Keep In Mind While Operating the C Arm

>> Oct 30, 2015

C Arm, a kind of mobile X-Ray device, was first developed by the Philips Medical Systems in the year 1955. It has since then gone through a lot of variation and developments and is today extensively used in surgical procedures.  It is named C Arm because of the look of its 2 arms that form a capital C. With the use of C Arm, surgeons are now able to take real-time medical imaging during the process of surgery. This in effect means minimal invasion during the surgical procedure.
The C Arms in use today have better imaging that gives better quality images and also reduces the amount of radiation as compared to the traditional X ray machines. C Arms have been able to improve the standard of patient care worldwide.

Safety Tips While Using The C Arm:
This is an expensive appliance, so most of the medical care facilities prefer to look out for ads giving information of used C Arm and used C Arm table for sale. The refurbished C Arms are as good as new in both look as well as functioning and can be procured at a much lesser price.

C Arm should always be used by a trained technician and due to the risk involved in radiation following safety tips are very important:

  •  As much as possible stand away from the direct beam of radiation.
  • The arm of the C Arm that has the X-Ray tube should be placed below the table or the patient. This way it reduces the risk of the operator getting exposed to radiation.
  • Radiations quickly loose its intensity as it travels in air. So even if the operator takes one step back the intensity of exposure is greatly reduced. So step away as much as possible.
  • If the surgeon is going to use the C Arm in a tilted form and it is difficult to step away from the radiation profile then the operator must wear protective gear in the parts of the body that fall in the profile.
  • The operator should use pulse mode to emit radiations intermittently and reduce exposure.
  • Do not keep pressing the foot pedal when studying an earlier image.
  •  Reduce the beam size to focus on a smaller area. This will improve image quality while reducing the radiation range as well.
  • Ensure that proper focal distance is maintained. Keeping too much distance will increase radiation dispersal and too small a distance can lead to skin burning on the patient.
  • Reduce the extra lighting as it can interfere in the clear visibility of the fluoroscopic image.

Risks associated with radiation exposure:

All technicians who operate the C Arm machine expose themselves to the harmful effects of radiation. Over exposure to radiation can lead to many diseases like cancer, cataract of the eye and even fetal deformity. It is therefore very important for the technician to take proper precaution to prevent all health risk.

It is advised that the technicians step away from the direct beam but if it is not possible then certain protective gear is required. Lead aprons, thyroid shields, eye protection, radio protective gloves are some of the gears that will protect the technician from exposure to radiation.

C Arm is a highly effective appliance for the medical sciences and is therefore extensively used. It is the responsibility of both the medical center and the technician to minimize the risk of radiation exposure.

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