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Teachergive Sale 2023

Build Your Own Home Entertainment System

>> Oct 12, 2015

Watching movies in real theater is a feeling that is often second to none. However, going to theater three times a week is not only extremely pricey but quite impractical as well. So, if you want to enable yourself to enjoy this as often as possible, your best option might be to install an entertainment system in your own home
Most people might get immediately discouraged by the price or the effort needed to make all of this come true, however all is not that grim. With just a bit of effort and research, you can quite easily make a home theatre of your dreams a reality.

Set aside the best room

The first issue you will be facing here is choosing the right room for your home theatre. Ideally, the room itself wouldn’t be so large. The reasons for this are numerous. First off, the smaller the room, the more effective your sound system would be. As for visual advantages the less room there is on the wall, the more impressive will your TV seem. Furthermore, it would also be great if the only light input in the room could be artificial. This way, it would be completely under your control.

Paint the walls

Properly painting the walls is quite important since having reflective surfaces everywhere in the room can be quite devastating for the atmosphere in general. Paint your walls into a neutral, non-reflecting color like black, dark grey or dark red and the movie atmosphere will be complete. In order to enhance this general impression even further, it would also be a great idea to decorate the walls of your home theater with posters of your favorite movies.

Choose the right TV

Definitely the most important thing about your theater is the choice of a TV. Let’s be realistic, regardless of what else you do with the room, the size and clarity of the picture are the most important things movie-wise. For that reason alone, you should always go for quality. Do not be afraid to spend the majority of your home theater budget TV alone. Do your research carefully, compare televisions in detail and then pass your valid judgment. Since this is of key significance to the entire project don’t be afraid to take your time.

Installing the sound system

Another crucial thing here is the sound system. In most movie genres, especially horror, sound effects are a huge factor. This is why your audio system should be adequate. As we already stated, this mostly depends on the size of your room and the nature of your room surfaces. If your surfaces reflect sound well, you can afford even to take a bit weaker system and achieve the same effect. Just do your homework and get your theater the equipment it deserves.

Deciding on the seating solution

When it comes to choosing the right seating solution, there is no general rule whatsoever. It would be best if you could take two things into consideration: height and comfort. Height of your seating is important since it can affect the way in which your field of view works. This is why, you cannot afford to make any mistakes here. Comfort is essential since you will be forced to sit through entire movies that can last for hours. An armchair or even a lazy bag are therefore probably the most convenient ideas when it comes to seating.

All it takes for you to make the home theater of your dreams is some will, determination and a lot of effort. Still, when taken into consideration the end result, any effort invested is more than worth it. The truth is that you can never put a price tag on a dream. With just a few days or weeks of work, you will give yourself a shrine to your own free time in which you will be able to relax and enjoy for years to come.

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