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Know the 8 Types of Home that Thieves Love to Burglarize

>> Oct 7, 2015

Kristy Jones is a DIY fan and enthusiast. She loves implementing life hacking topics especially about home improvements. She loves to declutter the home and would love to volunteer to help others live a clutter-free life. As the lead content curator for A Click Away Remotes, Kristy also contributes on writing other informative articles about basic architecture and house renovation.

We did a lot of previous posts about safety and security, all the know how’s and what to do’s in keeping your family, home and properties safe and secured there are still other factors that seem to make other homes a favorite target of burglars, thieves and intruders. An alarming statistics shows that about 40 homes are burglarized every 10 minutes or 1 in every 15 seconds, some of these homes has been burglarized more than just once, where the highest rate in burglary is during the month of August and the lowest in February.

Now, what seems to be making these homes become easy targets? Security may count but how can we truly protect ourselves and know how can we stop from falling prey to home invasions and theft? Though seasonal variations like the weather, time of day and occupancy also affects how burglars attack but the location of the homes contributes a big portion as to why people living in these areas get are more prone to becoming victims. The following is a list which will help us know and identify the types of homes and their locations that a thief commonly targets.

1. Area near offenders. If your home is located in a neighborhood where known offenders live and a community where there is a rising drug problem then expect your home to be a target. Usually, this happens in highly-urbanized areas where there’s a presence of a large number of young people and strangers, especially if it is situated near malls, big stadiums, trains or bus stations and major highways. If this is the area where you live, then you are vulnerable to being a target.

2. A secluded area. A community in the outskirts of the city where very few people live or in low-traffic areas, dead-end parts of the makes your home a potential target. Houses with very few neighbors and are located in secluded areas like in cul-de-sacs or behind thick bushes and trees because it would be easier for burglars to break inside these homes without being noticed. Burglars are attracted to homes that give them lower risks of being seen entering or exiting.

3. Previously burglarized home or near one. If the house you live in has been burglarized before then most likely they will break into your home again. The success that burglars had when they were able to break into your home the last time will trigger their urge to strike again. Living next to or near a home that has been burglarized before could also make you the next target. Some criminals do not actually attack random houses, instead they study them and do surveillance, if you live in a neighborhood with almost identical homes, a neighborhood that don’t have dogs and most probably have the same security system then you could all be targets since they would already know how to break into your homes.

4. The Design of the home. If the house you live in was designed with tall gates or fences or if it has front yard with tall plants and shrubs, or a porch that could cover the view of the front door, this could attract intruders and thieves since they can break in and not be seen by passers-by. The way it was built could make it into an easy target. What you can do is instead of planting tall trees, plant prickly shrubs or roses in your front yard that could hurt them if they try to hide behind it, also you may redesign your porch to make you front door visible or maybe just clear your porch with furniture or decorations that could block the front door’s view.

5. A house that is unoccupied at certain times of the day. It may be hard to believe but it really is true that 60% of burglaries happen in broad daylight. This usually happens in working communities during weekdays when homeowners are out for work and the kids are in school, or on days when the family is on vacation. Once the criminals see that you’re mails and subscriptions are piled up in your front door or in your mailbox, it obviously tells them that nobody is home, especially on long weekends and national holidays when almost everybody in the neighborhood goes out of town.

6. Homes with poor security and easy accessibility. Not installing an alarm system can be considered as poor security, so as not installing enough lighting all over the house especially if you near a darkened alley or if your home is surrounded with large trees. Other things that contributes to having poor security is having unsecured basement doors and windows, back entries and not adding locks and deadbolts in your doors and windows and sliding doors. And your habit of leaving a spare key under your planter is also a sign of poor security.

7. The wealthy look of a house. Having a house that shows sign of luxury and wealth could make you a favorite target. Obviously, they want to hit the jackpot and if you have this type of house, burglars would do everything to do their best to study, research and do surveillance just to know your weaknesses and how they will be able to breach your security. They know that if they succeed in breaking-in, the pay-off is going to be big.

8. Houses located in rural areas. In far flung rural areas, burglary rates are not that high compared to cases in highly-urbanized areas but still there are homes in sleepy towns that get burglarized. Usually it is because homes are isolated and the houses are far from each other. Also, most of these homes are owned by farmers and their houses are empty and unlocked during the day when they are out in fields tilling their lands.

Whichever area your house is located, may it be in any of these prone areas you don’t have to be helpless because there are things that you can do. Installing security and being one step ahead of these criminals will keep your family and your home safe.

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