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Tips for Helping Your Child with Homework

>> Oct 13, 2015

Homework can be a really fun activity if a parent is involved in the process.  Some children are more successful in school if they have a help from their parents while studying. However, this does not mean a parent should be there during the entire study time, but only jump in occasionally, if a child needs some explanation or motivation. There are various ways for parents to help child with homework.

1. Make a PlanTips for Helping Your Child with Homework by thinkswap.com
First, you should talk to your child and explain what is expected from him or her. Talk about the previous problems they had with their assignments, and what the cause of complications was. There is a possibility that your kid waited for homework to be done late at night, before they went to bed. In that case, this year the task should be done earlier, preferably during the afternoon.

2. Start the Routine
There should be the exact time for homework. When an activity is repeated every day, it becomes a habit. Consult with your child about the time of day that is most suitable for doing the assignment, and repeat the routine daily. However, make sure that the homework is not done right after a child comes home from school. There should be at least a 30 minutes break between school and homework. It is the optimal time for resting, clearing the mind, and getting ready for studying.

3. Be a role model
As a parent, you have an obligation to set the best example for your children. Complete your work and they will do theirs. Try to make them see that doing the tasks at the right time, lessens the anxiety and influences better on their productivity. After the work is done, praise your child and make them feel proud of themselves.

Tips for Helping Your Child with Homework by thinkswap.com
4. Choose the Appropriate Area and Materials for Studying
You should let your children pick the right spot they feel most comfortable learning. Whether that is a desk in their room, a kitchen table, a sofa, or the floor, the choice is theirs. Moreover, make sure there are no distractions.

Turn off the TV, computer, and do not let siblings disturb. The best idea would be for the entire family to have a certain time of the day when everyone is doing their homework, or homework-like activities, if kids are not old enough for school.

It is always a great idea to incorporate some additional materials for studying. Flash cards, and notes from other peers can be of great help. Especially if a child is preparing for Higher School Certificate. Namely, sometimes they need additional help in studying chemistry, so the best aid would be chemistry notes for the HSC. Those are the perfect choice if he or she has to revise. It will definitely make the study less difficult.

5. Turn to the Teacher If Needed
Re-teaching the information is not the best choice. The way you would explain it might be entirely different than the teacher’s, which can only add more confusion to the kid. If your child did not understand what the assignment is about, the best help is turning to the kid’s teacher for more explaining. You may want to explain it yourself, but that will only make your child think you are their study-buddy. However, you should not have the role of one.

Studying can be very stressful, and children usually tend to avoid it for as long as possible. Make sure to provide them with enough help and motivation, and soon they will start doing it on their own. There will be no need for you to force them into doing it. Praise them when they do well, so their self-confidence can grow and make them do even better than before.

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Mang Lembu October 13, 2015 at 10:42 PM  

lima poin tips yang jika dilaksanakan secara konsisten tentu akan sangat membantu anak-anak kita dong

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