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How to Downsize from a House to an Apartment

>> Oct 28, 2015

Moving to a new home can be exciting as the move will allow you to begin life a new as you enter your fresh surroundings. But such a move can be stressful if you are transitioning from a house to an apartment, especially from a four- or five-bedroom home to a one- or two-bedroom apartment. Here’s how to make the move without giving everything away, including your sanity!

Measure Your New Place

You’re already entirely familiar with your current home. What isn’t familiar is your new place, at least not to the same degree.

It is important to visit you new home and take measurements of each room, including the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bath. You need to determine what furnishings will fit in your home as well as which ones will look good. Measurements will quickly rule out some items; you may need to buy new to fit a sofa or a chair.

Once you identify what you will take with you, then you’re in a position to begin to remove the rest explains the North American Moving Company.

Ask for Help

Moving from a larger home to a smaller home is stressful. If you are older and have a house full of memories to go through, then asking for assistance is a must. A grown daughter or son may be able to help you here.

You will also need help acquiring boxes and other moving supplies. Look for volunteers who know where to go for free boxes and can accumulate the filler material such as newspapers or bubble wrap. Packing tape and stickers will help you here too.

Give Away, Sell or Donate

Give your loved ones first shot on taking any furniture and mementoes you will no longer need. Work toward reducing your inventory that way, then consider having a moving sale to move the rest.

A moving sale can take a lot of time and energy, so rely on volunteers to assist you. If you have several rooms full of items to sell, then plan on a two-day moving sale to help get rid of as much stuff as possible.

What doesn’t sell should be boxed and donated. Then, contact the Salvation Army or Goodwill to send a truck by to remove these items. Ask for a tax deductible receipt and keep your receipts in your moving file. It’ll come in useful for the next tax preparation season.

Store, But Only if You Must

What if you have some items you want to keep, but you don’t have room in your new apartment to store them? That’s a quandary a lot of people face, but one you can overcome it by looking at storage options, but only if necessary.

In many cases, an apartment complex will have extra storage compartments right on site. In fact, some units have extra storage on the ground floor — what would be your best arrangement.

If you choose a remote storage facility, then find one that is climate controlled and accessible. Avoid a long-term contract and plan to revisit this issue after you arrive at your new location. You may be able to find room for these items once you are settled.

Find a Moving Company

Chances are your friends have a moving company in mind that you could use. Especially if those movers helped them to downsize from their large home to their current apartment.

Movers that come recommended are the ones you want to deal with, all other things considered. They’re the ones whose reputation precedes them, just the sort of recommendation that should give you confidence as you make your transition.

Happy Trails

Your move will be accomplished in short order. Now is the time to part ways with the home you may have known for decades and move to a new home that should serve your needs for years to come. Enjoy the process and look forward to what is yet to come!

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Nancy Chan October 28, 2015 at 5:08 PM  

I think I would be very stressful about what to give away and what to keep. I have sifted house once and I really dread it.

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