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Tips to Avoid Flaws While Installing the Hydronic Heating Systems

>> Oct 29, 2015

Hydronic heating installation is a long process and it needs some specialization in this field. The installer needs to check the sub-floor before starting the installation process because it may require demolition of the floor surface. This prior inspection is necessary because in this stage the installer decides about the layout of the tubes which shall be installed under the floor, and it is suggested to make a duplicate copy of the layout and keep it with yourself for future correspondence, if you need any alteration or repairing in future then you can easily identify the tube lines layout of your hydronic heating system
Issues with installation regarding hydronic heating panels:
Like other projects, issues occur in the installation of the hydronic heating system as well. The main reason for this is miscommunication or lack of understanding. The installer has to understand the role properly. Another problem occurs when the coordination is not good with the other things that run in the house. To provide a safe and comfortable environment it is necessary that all the systems in the house work together.

A good installer should take care not only about the installation but also about the other things that are in sync with the system. Here are a few things that can go wrong when an installer is installing the hydronic system in your house.

  • No Insulation- The foundation needs to have insulation to let the system work properly. The insulation should be placed below the slab so that the heat is prevented from going down into the earth.
  • No reflectors- Thanks to the improvement in the radiant flooring technology, now we can add the heating system above the floor joists. This helps in installation of the radiant on the second floor as well as above places such as crawlspaces and basements. To make it work properly, proper insulation is required to separate the heated areas. Heat reflectors are also very important for the necessity of directing the heat to the right places.
  • Flaw in flooring- If you do not have proper flooring, it does not mean that radiant heating cannot be installed in your house. As mentioned before, it is a very versatile technology but certain flooring can lessen its effect. The carpet padding or the carpet itself subdues the effect of a hydronic heater.

Certain flaws should be avoided while installing the heating panels:

This was all about the flaws in your home that can affect your heating system. To install a hydronic heating system, you need to call a hydronic heating installer who specializes in installing these. There are a lot of issues that can happen while installing this system and which is exactly why you need a good and reputed professional to do the work. They should have proven track records along with strong warranty for their services. It is important to choose a certified installer because an unprofessional one can flaw your flawless house which is the last thing one would one. Here are some effects of poor installation.

  •  Leakage- Since hydronic system deals with water, a small mistake and it can lead to water leaks. Water leaks lead to very poor heating effect and it remains obscured until it is investigated properly.
  • Freezing- While constructing your home, the radiant floor might have been installed but it was not made functional. If there was water in the pipes somehow, then there is a chance that the water freezes in the tubes.
  •  Air in the tubes- We love the fact that the hydronic heating installer do not make sound while operating. If there is air in the tubes, then there is a high possibility that it may become a little noisy. Apart from that the oxygen in the air may corrode the pumps damaging the whole system.

A good installer would check the system from all possible ways and add some preventives such as antifreeze if needed. If you want to recognize more you can also go through this link for knowing more details about hydronic heating system.

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