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Teachergive Sale 2023

Creating an Outdoor Oasis for Your Family

>> Oct 8, 2015

We all love spending time with our families. Especially in childhood, the feeling we get from spending quality time with our parents at a cosy living room or a children bedroom is what may follow us during our entire lives. Thus, having a comfortable retreat at a hand’s disposal is a good investment. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create an outdoor retreat that the entire family can enjoy spending time.

                Extend the house interior
Bigger houses offer excellent options to expand the interior onto exterior and make the space seem compact and big at the same time. Terraces and balconies work really good with this, so think twice if you want to use a terrace for a cosy retreat and leave the backyard free for parties or sports activities.

          Set the frames
Open spaces can be split into zones by simply using dividing furniture. There may be dining space, with a big kitchen table; a porch living room, for enjoying warm summer nights in the open; children’s playroom, with children’s toys and art equipment; pets cushions, and so on. Statement rugs are an excellent option for this: they limit the space and set the colour combination. No matter how big the space is, using proper furniture and setting it strategically to create different zones can do wonders.

          Go for solid furniture
Furniture that stays outdoor needs to be different than the one for indoor use, so go for natural both materials and colours. As this furniture will be exposed to different weather conditions, go for materials that will not suffer from it and for furniture that does not require a lot of maintenance. Also, think before purchasing: if you want a porch kitchen, no need for buying an outdoor sofa. Or make your outdoor furniture you self!

          Let there be light
Having good lighting can also do wonders. You can go for a real chandelier, but it may be better to go for several light sources from different directions. You can also use candles for more intimate atmosphere.
                Add some shade
If your outdoor retreat is meant to be a getaway from the indoor heat during summer, shade is what you need. Options are numerous, and umbrellas, arbors, pergolas, shrubs or trellises just some of the options. Even if temperatures do not go very high, having some shade can contribute to the feeling of an exotic retreat or a wealthy spa, so go for it.

Add details to emphasize the use
Sometimes there is even no need to spend any extra money on decorations. Just use what you already have and spice things up with details. Plants and foliage always liven up the space; cushions and pillows make it cosier; details such as cloth napkins, vases, candle holders and paintings make it more vintage; colour combinations can make an effective contrast.

When not sure what to do, find a pro
Sometimes it just may be too much to decide on what and how to do, so an excellent idea in situations such as this is to look for professional help. A friend of mine recently did her backyard renovation and came across Wintons Teak outdoor furniture. They helped her not only with furniture, which she claims is the best she has ever had, but with some exterior design and redecoration as well.

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Mang Lembu October 8, 2015 at 10:42 PM  

hasil kreasi sendiri dalamhal menghadirkan suasana sejuk bagi keluarga dengan memanfaatkan lahan sempit di pekarangan tentu sangat membanggakan atuh

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