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Formal Dresses that Flatter Rectangle Body Shape

>> Oct 25, 2015

Girls, do you have special occasions in the near future that you should attend? Well, if you can’t find trendy attire in your wardrobe; it seems the right time for you to search for new formal dresses. Young women like you should have some formal dress collection as you will surely experience some important events in your life.

Tight budget can be an obstacle in getting your dream dresses, but don’t worry; you don’t need to buy costly pieces. Don’t need to give your parents hard time either. So, what’s the way out? In this case, shopping cheap evening dresses that offered below £50 at trusted online dress makers and also global retailers such as PromTimes could be the best decision.
formal dress

A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Floor-length Colorful Chiffon Prom Dress £40
formal dresses

A-line Scoop Sleeveless Floor-length Light Sky Blue Chiffon Prom Dress £40
For your next prom night or other special event, you are in a quest of trendiest and elegant evening dress. Though you’ve already chosen the right online boutique, finding your dream gown is still difficult as you face many choices in cheap prom dresses today. The dresses that you adore look stunning on the models at the store website, but will it in fact look just as flattering on your figure?

To avoid choosing the inappropriate dress design, find out your body type first. Four points to think of the fittest dresses are the items should be suitable for your fashion style, expression of your character, comfortable to wear, and also the finest portrait of your figure. Based on your own contour -whether you are a curvy hourglass type, a top heavy apple shape, a rectangular shape, or a bottom heavy pear shape- you should consider suggested dress styles and fashion details that most suits your figure.

Let’s say that you are a rectangle shape as the widths of your shoulder, waist and hip are almost similar. That’s why you don’t have many curves. Celebrities with the same figure include Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman. Paying attention on dresses that they wear daily and on special events could give you valuable fashion ideas. Push-up bras are perfect for you since it improve your upper body area and generate curves. Yep, to look more feminine, you just need to create some curves, that’s all girls.

When searching for PromTimes formal dresses that flatter rectangle figures, check out some guide below.
cheap prom dresses

A-line Scoop Capped Floor-length Blue Chiffon Prom Dress £45
cheap evening dresses

2015 Cheap Ball Gown Sweetheart Floor-length Colorful Organza Prom Dress £49.99
Dress silhouettes that most fit rectangular types:
-ball gown
The voluminous skirt make the girl looks curvier as it creates a contrast to its fitted top.
-A line dresses
This dress style actually can flatter rectangle shape and also other body types beautifully. A very popular dress silhouette!

Choose scoop-neck or sweetheart necklines on top part of the dress that will create curves on you.

Choosing the right styles will make you look stunning and shapelier.  I feature here some designs for your inspiration. I’m so sure that you will have unforgettable party or prom night!

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