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Grief: Coping With a Loss of Your Loved One

>> Oct 15, 2015

Losing a certain someone who had a special place in your life is always hard and devastating. This is especially true if that someone is a person really close to you, like a family member or a close friend. This can be a very traumatic experience and people can react very differently to these kinds of changes in their life. The grieving process is something that every person must go through, but it is certain that this process can be quite overwhelming and distressing. Although everybody has their own way of dealing with these things, there are a couple of things that every person should try in order to cope with their loss.

5 Stages of Grief
The stages of grief are not a myth made by psychologists. They are quite real and everybody goes through them one way or another. The best advice is not to ignore these steps but to embrace the grieving process as a natural way of coping with the loss. It is important to accept the fact that you will be feeling angry and shocked, you will try to blame others and you may even feel hatred and bitterness. All these feelings are natural and completely normal and there is no need to avoid them. Let the nature take its course and let the process take its place.

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Talk About It
Do not try to avoid talking about your feelings. Don’t bottle up your emotions and certainly do not shut other people out. It is perfectly understandable for people to close up and refuse to talk about their condition. All of this is perfectly normal, but it is important to try and open up. Try talking to a friend, or if you feel more comfortable, try talking to a psychologist. The point is just in letting the words come out and accepting the situation as it is. Nobody says it is easy but it is important to do it for your wellbeing.

Do Something Memorable
Another good thing is instead of grieving for losing your loved one to try and celebrate their life. Try to remember all the positive and good things that they did and wanted to do during their lifetime. Try to accomplish something that they would be proud of. For instance, if the person you have lost had decided to use cremation services, it could be meaningful spreading their ashes someplace memorable and important to them. Always try to celebrate their name and their life wherever you go.

Learn From It
Perhaps the most important thing that you should do is actually learning from your loss. Do not chain yourself to your bed and lock yourself in your room. Do not let the grief overcome you. Rise up from it and learn to love life. Learn to value your life and the lives of all others around you. Cherish the people dear to you and cherish every moment that you spend with them. It is important to come out of it much stronger than before. It does not do to dwell on memories and forget to live.

There are no guidelines that you can follow in order to feel instantly better. You are a human being with emotions. If you didn’t feel hurt you would never know how to feel happy again. It is important to realize, although it seems helpless and like the sorrow will never go away, that it will get better and you will learn how to cope with it. The people you love will always be near you and you will always feel them by your side. You will never be able to lose your loved ones.

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