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Teachergive Sale 2023

10 Ways to Accommodate Your Guests in Your Small Renting Home

>> Nov 21, 2015

Festival season is kicking in and you have arranged house party for friends and family. How are you going to welcome them this year in your 1 bhk flat in Pune? Delicious cuisines, check; red wine, check; home decorations, check; gifts, check. But have you arranged something for overnight guests? If you’re staying in a renting home, you don’t have large space. So, it is up to you how you can cleverly make enough room so that your guests can stay freely. Here are some tips to accommodate guests in your small renting home-
1.   Have Couch Bed- You don’t need to freak out if your guests stay overnight. Little planning and preparation can make you a wonderful host. You must have an extra bed for your guests. With a couch bed you can save space during daytime while it serves as a comfortable bed at night.

2.   Clever Sitting Arrangements- You have a renting flat or apartment. How can you make space for your guests to sit at ease? A big sofa-set looks fantastic, but can make your little room clumsy. Do you have stools? Use those for extra seating. Bean bags are a good option for the purpose. Do you have a mattress? Then use your floor for sitting.

3.   Keep Air Mattress- If you don’t have enough space for a second bed, air mattress is a marvelous option. These folding mattresses take small space to keep. So, if you have such thing, you can welcome your guest without any tension. These mattresses are portable. Your friends can carry these too.

4.   Make Space for Children- You can’t forget about the children. It is up to you to arrange something for them so that they enjoy the day as adults. Mark a corner as children’s area and make them restricted there with fun elements and delicious foods. Thus, you can save space for your party as well as for kids.

5.   Make Space for Luggage- One guest means at least two luggages. You can’t let them pile up those on any side of your room. Do you have storage bed? Then store the baggage there. If you have drawers attached to tables, then ask them to keep their luggage there. This will give them a sense of privacy which they will always admire.

6.   Turn Your Living Room into Bedroom- Though you’re living in a one bedroom renting house, you have a living room. Turn the area into a bedroom by installing a bed, a bedside lamp, extra set of pillows and towels, etc. 

7.   Loft Beds are Good Idea- A studio apartment is really a small place to live. But you can’t avoid guests. So, installing loft beds is a cool idea to make space for sleeping. Also, loft beds save space on floor to hang out.

8.   Wall Racks or Hooks- Don’t you have space for closets? Then set wall racks so that your guests can keep their baggage there. The wall hooks are a good idea to hang their clothes. Just arrange extra hangers.

9.   Start Arrangements Beforehand- You have a small space and several overnight guests. Don’t keep everything for the last moment. As you need to arrange everything tactfully, you need time. So, start arrangements prior two weeks of the big day.

10.   Mouth-watering Foods- Last but not the least to divert your guests’ attention from the space matter. Guests mainly look for the hearty welcome. If you serve the best dinner, they will remember that more than the small space of your renting home.

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Mang_Lembu November 21, 2015 at 10:26 AM  

gambar satu sangat cocok untuk para pekerja lapangan yang sering berpindah tempat tidur nih ya...belinya dimana kalau saya pengen punya kak?

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