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Chicago Takes its Place Among the Best Golf Cities in America

>> Nov 7, 2015

When most people think about the best places to play golf, their thoughts drift to the West and Bandon, Oregon. Others might think of Long Island, where a person could play a handful of courses where major championships have been held. Others, still, might look to Streamsong in Florida or the courses in Monterrey, California. Chicago is slowly making its name as one of the best golf cities in America, though. The huge city features more than a few tracks that can legitimate call themselves the best golf course in Chicago. Courses like Mistwood Golf Club are slowly turning the Windy City into the golfing mecca of the Midwest. 
best golf course in Chicago
Chicago golf is unique in a number of ways. For one, the city's characteristic wind conditions make playing golf more difficult than it might be elsewhere. When one tees it up around Chicagoland, one is tested by bitter cold and by gusts that can force a player to play low shots. Just as a golfer goes to Scotland to see whether he can play shots along the ground, a golfer heads to Chicago to see if his game is good enough to overcome the difficult conditions.

Beyond that, the region is blessed with some of the best golf course superintendents in the country. The Midwest has a number of universities that train students on the basics of golf course management. This leads to a direct influx of talent. Young people are taking over courses and turning them into something special. These are golf course experts who understand precisely what sort of grasses will survive the cold winter. They're also the sorts of folks who know that a good golf course is about solid and consistent conditions.

Golf season in Chicago is not particularly long. By the time November rolls around, the cold and the snow make it difficult to play. Often, courses won't be clear again until around April, when the final snows of the season leave their mark. During that short golf season, though, Chicago has plenty of options for the player who wants something a little bit different. From the hilly courses north of the city to the well-manicured courses closer to the heart of Chicago, the best courses in Chicago continue to impress those people who might be used to awesome golf on the east or west coasts.

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Nancy Chan November 8, 2015 at 12:08 AM  

Interesting post but I am not a golfer. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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