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Valuable Things You Didn't Know You Can Find in Your Granddad's Attic

>> Nov 22, 2015

The same belongings can have a completely different value for their owners, who want to get rid of them, and avid collectors, who cannot wait to buy them. What our parents and grandparents thought was valuable usually represents worthless bits and bobs to us. However, if we are not careful, we could throw away something unique and valuable. So, before you set your mind on de-cluttering your granddad's attic, make sure that you do not throw away any of the following vintage valuables
Collectible stickers
When men are still boys, most of them develop an irrational passion for sports. Driven by that crazy force, they make their parents buy them stickers of different sportspeople in various sports. No matter how much such a hobby damages the already fragile financial foundations of their families, it is, indeed, an irrational drive. However, once-teenage collectors can make their descendants rich. If you find a sticker or a card signed by Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio among your granddad's old stuff, you could become a rich man. Other sports memorabilia are also popular with collectors, so there is even a sports memorabilia convention.

Unique watches
Since watches have always been status symbols, it is no wonder that coming across an old grandfather's watch could bring the finder a nice sum of money. However, it is not only the brand and type of the watch that determine its value. Cravings, straps and who wore the watch also play an important role when its worth is to be estimated. For instance, if your grandpa was a construction worker, his watch will most probably be only a watch. However, watches worn by WWII war pilots are rated pretty high on the vintage watch market. Find out more about the value of old watches here.

Grandma's jewelry
If your granddad was a well-off man, you should also open your eyes to old grandma's jewelry. Fifty or sixty years ago, people used to buy fewer things, but they really paid attention to their quality and value. So, today we have people of wealth and taste who are keen on collecting vintage jewelry and ready to pay them more than modern items. For instance, old brooches and earrings could be worth thousands of dollars. Of course, you should learn more about antique jewelry, to avoid being ripped off. 

Grandpa's hidden treasure
When we are kids, we like to dream about hidden treasure. However, when you grow up, you realize that such dreaming can actually be pretty close to reality. When you look at the history of the 20th century, it is clear that there were a lot of economic crises and inflations. So, it is highly probable that back in the 1930s and 1940s our grandparents traded their cash for something that does not lose its value. Even then, people invested in 100 oz gold bars and other pieces of precious metals, no matter if they just wanted to keep their money safe or they were mere collectors. This is why you could actually discover your grandpa's hidden treasure in his old house.

Music in the attic
Old artistic pieces are also considered valuable items. While it is not too probable that you will find a Monet's painting in your grandpa's attic, you mightget hold of old music editions, like records from the 1940s or 1950s. Those were the beginnings of popular music as we know it today, which is why present collectors of records from that period couldgive a substantial amount of money for them these days. To get to know more about the beginnings of record-based popular music, read this text.

As you can see, old things can have both sentimental and financial value. So, when you are getting ready to clean the attic of your parents' or grandparents' house, be careful and try to sell as many items as possible. Collectors are waiting for your call.  

2 komentar:

Nancy Chan November 22, 2015 at 11:50 PM  

Its a pity I do not have a granddad's attic for me to search through. I like to de-clutter and discard old things but now I realized some of them are vintage valuables too.

Mang Lembu November 23, 2015 at 1:51 AM  

gambar pertama kamar kayu dan gambar terakhir itu gue banget deh

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