Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Attractive Commercial Cake Display Fridge for Enhancing the Sale in Your Confectionery

>> Nov 16, 2015

There is no doubt about the fact that, half of our appetite is satisfied when we first see the neat arrangement of cakes, truffles, waffles and pastries inside a commercial cake display fridge in a confectionery. These display fridges not just keep the cakes fresh and appetizing, but they also create a selling potential for the owner, as customers can actually select the variety of cake, or bun that he intends to buy. Right from small cakes, to large birthday delicacies, a commercial cake display fridge is the best option to market and sell your confectionery items. 
Commercial display fridge
Types of commercial cake display fridges

Bench top display fridge: These are chilled countertop fridges that allow great view of the cakes displayed. Straight and curved glass options along with customized shelf options are available. 
Freestanding cake display fridge: This type is a large-sized fridge and has many shelves to accommodate more cakes. The shelves are arranged in neat order of their size to include sweets, cakes, pastries and also the raw materials that are often used to make cakes.
Upright cake display fridge: These are narrow in size and they have rotating shelves because they allow display of cakes in various angles, which gives customers a better view and idea about the displayed cakes.

How to buy the right commercial cake display fridge?
Cakes need to be refrigerated properly to prevent from getting spoilt. It is not possible to take out each cake one by one to the customer. To buy the right commercial cake display fridge, you will have to note few points such as:
·       Size
·       Display type
·       Number of shelves
·       Design

When it comes to cake shops, some sell cakes in all types of sizes, from small to large. Usually, large cakes are made only as per order but some shops like to display couple of them for the customer to know that they are well versed in making such cakes. You can get a host of commercial cake display fridge designs and costs in the online portals, and you can customize your requirements and order for one accordingly.
Commercial cake display fridge
Also know the types and quantity of items to be stored:
The type and quantity of goods are other factors that come into play while picking up the right display refrigerator.  If you are only selling wedding and birthday cakes of a certain size, you may need a large fridge, perhaps with rotating shelves.
  • Features, specifications and temperature settings too should be noted while buying a commercial cake display fridge. Cake display fridges do not need temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should be checked.
  • Look for display fridges that will allow you to vary row heights and come with many notches for shelves. This will help in removing a row to accommodate a large sized cake as and when need arises.
Know about the types of doors available:
Two types of doors are mainly fitted with the fridges; one is the swing open ones and the other sliding ones. If your shop is a spacious one, the swing open doors are good but if it is a small place, sliding doors will be more convenient. Self-closing doors are also in vogue but the quality of a toughened glass should be the first priority when you buy a commercial cake display fridge  

·       Lighting adds an additional attractive feature to cake display fridges.
·      LED lights are now used as they not only look attractive but also saves good amount of energy.

For cake business, commercial cake display fridges are as essential as the product itself. With so many options available in size, design and shelve types, all you have to do is understand your requirements, the size of your shop and the display needs of your cake, to be able to buy the right fridge to help attract customers and sales.

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