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Top 6 Boating Safety Tips

>> Nov 26, 2015

No matter your amount of experience, it is always a good thing to review boating safety regulations before your boating trips. Below are boating safety tips to help you remain safe while in the water.
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1. Be weather-wise

Before departure, always check the local weather conditions. A good source of this information is the radio and TV forecasts. If you sense a sudden drop in temperature, rough and volatile changing winds, or darkening clouds, get out of the water quickly.

2. Adhere to a pre-departure checklist

Proper boating safety includes thorough preparation for any possibility in the water. Thus, sticking to a pre-departure checklist is the best way to ensure you don’t overlook or forget any safety rules or precautions.

3. Use common sense

Among the most vital parts of boating safety is to apply correct judgment. This means, staying alert at all times, operating at safe speeds always, especially in crowded areas, and steering clear of watercraft and large vessels that have restricted ability to stop or turn. Also, respect the buoys and other navigational aids that are always set up to ensure your safety.

4. Appoint an assistant skipper

Ensure that more than one person understands all the aspects of your boat’s operations, general safety, and handling. If the main navigator gets injured or incapacitated, in any way, ensure someone else can adhere to the required boating safety rules to bring everyone back to the shore.

5. Create a Float Plan

Whether you choose to inform a staff member at your local marina or a family member, always make sure you let someone else know your float plan. This includes your destination and how long you will be gone. A float plan can include:
• The trip leader’s name, phone number and address
• All the passengers’ names and phone numbers
• Type of boat and registration information
• Trip itinerary
• Types of signal and communication equipment on board such as Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPRIB)

6. Make good use of life jackets

A majority of drowning accidents are as a result of boaters not wearing life jackets. Ensure that your friends and family don’t incur the same fate by assigning and fitting each person on board with a life jacket before departure.

Boating is an interesting activity when it is done right. Failure to follow safety instructions and regulations can land you in danger such as drowning and storms. Thus, observe the weather, create a float plan, and use life jackets. Also, ensure your boat is in good condition, and confirm that your Johnson water pumps are working correctly. Sticking to these tips will ensure you have a safe boating trip.

2 komentar:

Nancy Chan November 26, 2015 at 1:07 PM  

Though I am not into boating but this is helpful information. Thanks for sharing.

tupperware November 29, 2015 at 10:08 PM  

untuk tips point pertama, memang yang paling penting ya mbak. kalau cuaca bagus dan mendukung.berperahu pun jadi lebih nyaman dan tenang :)

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