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How to Find a Reputable Home Improvement Company

>> Nov 5, 2015

Many homeowners have spent the spring and the summer months repairing and restoring any areas that may have been damaged by the harsh seasonal weather conditions. It is common for people to begin planning on the home improvement projects when the spring is around the corner.Find a good contractor that you can trust to replace your windows, to build your swimming pool or to freshen the interior of your home. Here are some of the tips when you are deciding on whom to hire for your home improvement needs.


Be sure to ask your friends and family members for any recommendations that they may have but it is important to note that you should not rely solely on the recommendations. Make sure you get references that have had similar work done that you may be looking to accomplish. Check the businesses out before you rely on the references. Check any references from the Internet and call them up to see if they are satisfied and if they would want to hire the businesses again. If they say yes then view the projects.


The contractor in the home improvement companies should be able to provide any credentials. They should be members of a professional association, have a business license and insurance. Be sure to verify the information that they may bring to you so that you are able to know if they are valid. Some of the trades need to have a competency license so as to be able to operate for example the electricians or the plumbers and others.


Make sure you are specific on what you want the home improvement company to do for you. Seek two or three bids from the prospective contractors and they should be based on the same specifications. Do not just jump for the lowest bid. The prices may differ due to various things. It may be due to the differences in the quality of materials or the amount of workmanship of the job and may more. Discuss all this bids with the contractor.


Make sure that everything that has been promised i.e. the completion date, the type of materials, the work hours or the payment schedule is included in the written contract. A contract should have the contractor’s full name, the address, the telephone number and any appropriate licenses that are involved in the process. There should be nothing left blank and dif there is no applicable answer then write N/A. Get yourself the contract copy when you have signed.


If you need a building permit then this is the first step you should take. The permits are generally for any plumbing, structural and electrical work. Any contractors from the home improvement companies that say they will save you money by helping you avoid the required permits should be avoided. Permits are to assist protect you from any shoddy work.


Well any reputable professionals will know that you will require time to make your own decision. This time you can use to check for the references, get any estimates from other home improvement companies, check their licenses and verify the company’s reputation and experiences. If they pressure you to make an instant decision then they might be hiding something that they do not want you to dig out before you pay them for your contract.

A fishy home improvement company may also ask to be paid up front for the job or demand to be paid in cash and not cheque. Never pay for any contract job before it has even been started. All payments should be made of either cheque or credit so that there is proof of payment in the future. It is however common for a company to request for a deposit and even larger projects may include an interim payment as the work proceeds.

Visit the home improvement company website so that you can know more about them. Be sure to visit them in their offices and inspect how they work. Check their previous projects before so that you are able to gauge how well they will be able to cater for your home improvement needs.

Written by Mike Wolfe of Mike Wolfe Construction. Mike and his crew offer the best service for home improvement in Columbia,MO.

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