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The Most Romantic Ways to Show Your Love

>> Nov 13, 2015

It is not always easy to show your emotions, especially those deep and intensive ones such as love. Loving another person can make your live better and can make you a better person. You understand how important your partner’s happiness is and do whatever you can to make them happy every day. Telling someone that you love them is important, but what is equally important is the way you express that love and what you do to ‘prove it’ in a way. Here are a few romantic gestures to make your special someone feel loved every day.

Go on a date
This is especially important when you have been with someone for a really long time, dates somehow belong to the past and your early days. Be silly and act like you are teenagers again; go on at least one unusual date and make your inner children happy. Make a blanket and pillow fort, play hide-and-seek in a park, explore a part of your city you have rarely been to, randomly decide to go see a movie, when walking down the street leave silly notes on benches, trees, and windows… you will have fun and be spontaneous like you have never been before.

Pamper them
Spend one day (or as much of it as you can) pampering them. Rise early, sneak out of bed, make them a cup of coffee and bring it to them while they are still in bed. Prepare them breakfast and pack them lunch with a note hidden inside on which you can draw a simple heart or write how much you love them, and wish them a good day at work. Rent a movie they like (or they talk about wanting to watch it for a while) and have a ton of popcorn ready. Allow no disturbances, forget about your phone and computer and enjoy a nice and quiet evening with each other.

Right before their eyes
Leaving adorable messages written all over bathroom mirror when it gets foggy is nice and romantic way to express your love. However, these messages fade rather easily, and leaving notes written in lipstick is not really convenient. Why don’t you leave your beloved a message they will be able to see every day, whenever they look out the window? Use romantic window decals to express your love and remind that special someone of your feelings for them, and make even the most ordinary moments of looking out the window special and romantic.

Surprise them with a meal
By this we don’t  mean run out and buy two Big Macs (even though it can also be a good idea when you’re both very tired from a long day at work and none of you feels like preparing a meal). Instead, try preparing a nice meal for the two of you: meat in a special sauce with a nice side dish; simple sweet and sour chicken with cheese and pineapple slices, or spaghetti with vegetable sauce. You can try preparing only the dessert if you are not really an experienced cook: homemade apple pie, pancakes with maple syrup, or chocolate chip cookies. It is not much, but it will show the other person how much effort you are willing to put into preparation of a simple meal just so they can enjoy it.

There is not a universal way to be romantic and express your love, we are not all the same and what is romantic for one person can be a bit too much for the next. Remember to tell you special someone you love them, hold hands, act silly in public, and be supportive. Surprise them with notes and little drawings, and cuddle often; it will make you feel better and calm you down.

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